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Death Certificate Application Form, Death Certificate Status, Death Certificate Form 2021, Online Apply, Eligibility: As we all know that how important is to make a Death Certificate in India. So, it becomes mandatory for every citizen of India to apply for a death certificate with the Registrar of the state under the rules & regulations of the Registration of the Death Act (1969). If you want to know more about Death Certificate Status, Registration Process, Important documents, and many more details about it, then you can read this article very carefully and apply for it. This service has provided by the government online or offline according to the user’s choice. Here, we will also discuss the consequences, In which situation can we register in a Death Certificate, if there is any delay in it then how can we apply in a death certificate. These are all the questions that the citizens of India want to ask, and you will find answers to all these questions in this article.

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Now we will know here what a Death Certificate is and why it is made. Let us first know what a death certificate is? So tell all of you that a Death Certificate is a type of government document which contains complete information about that person as soon as his death occurred, where and how? It is a type of Government document duly signed by the doctor. This death certificate will be given to you only after registration. So, now check and know more about this certificate.

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Importance of a Death Certificate

Here, we will tell you the importance of the Death Certificate. So, you know that In India, it has become very important to make a Death Certificate after a person’s death under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act in 1969. It is necessary to apply in the registration of a death certificate between the 21 days of the death. And, more importantly, this rule is for the whole of India. You can register from the respective states concerned authorities. Between 21 days, you have to fill your form, attach all important documents, pay the fee, and check it again before submitting the form. After this, respective authorities will check all your documents and verify it, then only they will give you a death certificate under the government rules and regulations or we say government to act.

Process of Death Certificate Registration

Here, we will now tell you all about the kind of strategy that has to be made to get the death certificate. Let everyone know that whenever someone dies, only the person who is present there can register for the certificate. That is, at the place where it happens, proof of someone is needed. Here, we will now give you complete information about who will be considered a responsible person if there is a death in different types of places. Steps are given below:

  • If someone dies at home, then whoever will be the elder member will complete the registration process.
  • If someone dies at the hospital, then medical executives will complete the registration process.
  • If someone dies at the jail, then the jail executive will be ready to complete the registration process.
  • If someone dies in any deserted area, then the village head man will complete the registration process.

Death Certificate Status

We will tell you that before applying for the Death Certificate, it is very important for you to register for it first. If anyone dies, you must register within 21 days by any local executives or registrar. When you will finish the registration process, then this certificate is issued to you after getting a very good verification process. If someone’s death has not registered between 21 days, then you have to pay late fees. And, you have to take permission from any of the Registrar or your area magistrate with the late fees. If you are in search of an application form that is usually important to apply in the making of the death certificate, then need not be worried about it. Because the Registrar executive will provide you an application form.

Name the person who can Register a Death Certificate?

Now here we will tell you all information related to the name of a person who can apply for the Death Certificate Registration Process. It includes:

S. No. Name of Place from where death is happening Particular Person Responsibility
1. When someone’s death occurs inside the house. For this, only the elder ones in the house would be responsible and apply for a death certificate.
2. When a person is dead while moving any vehicle. For this, the person inside the vehicle with the deceased would be responsible for it.
3. When someone’s death occurs inside a boarding house or Dharamshala. For this, the owner of the boarding house would be responsible for making a death certificate.
4. When someone’s death occurs in any public place. For this, any nearest policeman would be responsible for it.
5. When someone’s death occurs inside the jail. For this, any single person present in jail while someone’s death would be responsible for it.
6. When someone’s death occurs in a hospital, any Referral hospital, Medical College Hospital, or any other Subdivision Hospital. From there, any hospital superintendent is in charge of the hospital or the officer in charge of any referral hospital.

Online Death Registration Process

The way online facilities are being made available all over the country, in that way every government work is done online soon. Due to this online facility, we do not have to go round government offices. If any of our government work or documents have to be made, then we can make it comfortably online at home. This also reduces congestion in government offices. Due to online facilities, government work also gets done soon. There are still some states in our country where the online facility is not available yet. All the work there is done by offline methods.


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In states where there is an online facility, all the work, from registration to uploading of documents, to create government documents, is done through online methods. In this way, a death certificate can make it easier. There are still some states in India that prefer the physical appearance of people to submit an application form. For example, in a state like Chandigarh and New Delhi, an online facility is provided to make a death certificate and for this, no people need to go to the hospital, they can make a Death Certificate Registration in their home by online methods. Generally, it is governed by the Indian Government. Here now we will tell you how to register online here. Following steps are:

  • First, visit Civil Registration System website i.e. CRS
  • This page will look like this.

Death Certificate Application Form

  • If the official website of your state has already been made, then you must first create your account there.
  • By visiting this link, you should first have to create your account first.
  • Now, Log in with the respective ID and Password.
  • Click on the link which shows an application form in it.
  • Now fill all details in it and check it again after successfully filling all details.
  • Now, candidates have to fill all personal details (like birth, death dates) in the given form.
  • After successful registration, now click on the given submit button there.
  • Take a printout of the given form and handover to the Registrar at the mentioned address.
  • Now, Each applicant will be told the status of his application form by email after getting a receipt from the concerned executives.
  • In this way, every citizen can register and apply for a death certificate by visiting their state website. 

If you have filled the online application and still have not received your death certificate yet, such a delay is happening even after 21 days of the death, then a separate case is made for it. And now we will tell you about the same. In the case of delays, all the applicants have to go to the registrar’s office by themselves with all important documents and late fees. Now we will discuss all the important documents that are needed for registration.

Important Documents

Whenever you have to register for a death certificate, you will also need the necessary documents for that. Here we will tell you about the same important documents which are as follows:

  • Deceased Birth Certificate
  • Deceased Driving license (if they have)
  • Deceased NHS Card (which is also known as a medical card)
  • Deceased Medical Certificate due to which death can occur
  • Deceased Marriage Certificate (if he or she was married)
  • Deceased Passport
  • All utility bills as proof of address

Now, here is the information that is required to fill up by the executive before registration is given as follows:

  • Place and date of death can occur.
  • Deceased Occupation
  • Deceased Address where he or she has lived.
  • Full name (if she is a married woman then her maiden name is used). Or any other name which is used by the deceased.
  • Deceased wife and husband information.
  • Details of the deceased if he or she takes any government benefit or not.

Name the Documents that needed for making a Death Certificate

There are several documents, which are given as under: 

  • Any Identity related to age and birth date proof of the applicant, such as PAN Card, Birth Certificate, Voter Identity Card, and matric certificate.  
  • Copy of an affidavit which mentions the death time and date of the applicant.
  • Copy of any hospital letter or crematorium as a proof of death.
  • Photocopy of Deceased Ration Card.
  • Application Form stamp fee.
  • Copy of residence proof documents such as water bill, electricity bill, and etc.
  • If you want to apply for the death certificate, you have to report evidence as proof in the registrar’s office. Evidence may be in a deceased relation. And provide all information on that evidence.
  • There is a form which is filled by you.
  • Letter of authorization just in case any authorized people with their PAN card, photo identity proof, and etc. 

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List of State-wise Death Certificate Links

Here, we will now tell you about how the Death Certificate is made in all the states. Here we have also given direct links to Death Certificate Online Apply in all states. All of you can open that link and get your death certificate made. Here in this table, on the official website, you will be given complete information about the documents and services required to make the certificate. You have to read all the given guidelines carefully and apply for the certificate.

Name of State Direct Link
Bihar Click Here
Arunachal Pradesh Click Here
Assam NIL
Andhra Pradesh Click Here
Haryana Click Here
Jammu and Kashmir Click Here
Gujarat Click Here
Chhattisgarh Click Here
Himachal Pradesh Click Here

Click Here

Goa Click Here
Jharkhand Click Here
Mizoram NIL
Kerala Click Here
Nagaland NIL
Manipur Click Here
Maharashtra Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Karnataka Click Here
Meghalaya Click Here
Rajasthan Click Here
Punjab Click Here
Odisha Click Here
Telangana Click Here
Tamil Nadu Click Here
Sikkim Click Here
Tripura Click Here
Daman & Diu NIL
Uttarakhand Click Here
Uttar Pradesh Click Here
Andaman and Nicobar Islands NIL
West Bengal Click Here
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Click Here
Chandigarh Click Here
Delhi Click Here
To Resize your Photo Click Here
Residential Locality Click Here

For anyone who wants to make the size of their photo smaller or bigger while uploading documents, we have given a link to the photo resize here in this table from where you can change the size of your photo.

Check Death Certificate Online

Here we will discuss the different types of ways to check the Death Certificate Online. When we apply for a certificate, then we need to check the status of the deceased application form. So, it is done in four simple basic steps. You just read and check your Death Certificate Online.

Here, we are given a table which shows the links between the different cities of India. You have to just click and check it out. So, the steps are given below:

  • First of all, visit an Official website of different cities or states where you live.
  • Open the website and log into your account.
  • Start to enter all important information there such as the name of the applicant, birth date, deceased death date and time, gender, father name, and mother name.
  • If any deceased death certificate is already registered then you get it easily. If not, then first you should apply for a death certificate and after verification process should be done. After verification, then only you can get a deceased death certificate registered.
Check Death Certificate in Gurgaon City Click Here
Check Death Certificate in Noida City Click Here
Check Death Certificate in Delhi State Click Here
Check Death Certificate in Pune City Click Here
Check Death Certificate in Mumbai City Click Here
Check Death Certificate in Bangalore City Click Here

In this online website, you can easily search, view, find, download, and print death certificates. And, from this online facility, you get certificate free. From this, you can edit your form and submit. By this Online facility, you can check every detail in the form such as father name, mother name at the time of form registration. For checking, you have to fill in all the important details which were asked in the form.

I hope you will understand this article very well and are ready to benefit from it. If you are facing any problems related to the Death Registration Process, Application Form, and Eligibility Criteria, then you may ask your queries in the given comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amount of time does it take to make a death certificate?

When you fill the deceased Death Certificate Application Form, you will get this death certificate after about 15 or 30 days.

At which places do we use our Death Certificate?

It is used in many places such as Deceased children’s Schools, colleges, to obtain percentages, used for elections, and etc.

Around how many samples of death certificates can we get?

For this, you can take any amount of copies as your wish, you just have to pay its fee.

Name an important document that is used to apply for a death certificate?

Important Documents are Deceased Birth Certificate, Deceased Identity Proof, Deceased Address Proof, Letter of death in hospital, and Parent’s Identity Proof document.

Can we now make Death certificates both online and offline?

Yes, we can now apply for Death certificates both online & offline.

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