A Complete Guide to Handicap Betting

We all know what betting is, a person or a group of people place bets on the outcome of the game. In the case of the desired outcome, the person placing the bet wins all the amount and the gains become his or hers. However, in the case of handicap online betting the stakes are raised a bit high.

In this type of betting a person places their bet on matches or events that have only one outcome but the bets are placed on the goal difference or point difference. The bettor wins if his or her threshold point is above certain points depending on the win or loss for which the wager has placed the bet against the loser So let us get to know about handicap online betting in detail, let us get started.  

What is Handicap betting?

What is Handicap betting?

Basically, handicap online betting is used in sports where the outcome is decided on the basis of points or goals such as Rugby, football, tennis, chess, etc. the word Handicap means, the bookmaker places a handicap(numerical value) on the score of the respective teams. In order to win the bet, the team should score or acquire more points than the handicap in betting limit. 

In fact, these kinds of bets are usually placed on matches where a stronger team faces a weaker team, the outcome is already decided so as to make the game fun. Handicaps are placed so that the if the stronger team scores more than 2 or 5 goals then only you will get the bet money; this is not something you would be able to apply on cricket betting app easily.

For example, if there is an imaginary football match between India and Pakistan, India will win if they score only one goal. However, to make things interesting the bookmaker places a handicap of “3 goals to nil”, on the score of India, punters take their chance and place a bet on the handicap. If India scores 3 goals and Pakistan does not score at all, punters will take all the money in that case. This simple example explains what is handicap betting.

Handicap Wagering on Sports 

Since the appearance of many different online betting platforms on the IOT platform, there is a huge influx of betting entities to take advantage of this mushrooming industry—game-based betting and gambling. This becomes evident from the following incorporation of betting niche into different games:

1. Handicap Betting In Football 

Currently, football is the most common sport, so Handicap betting in football is also very popular. The outcome of the game is decided on the number of goals scored by either of the teams making this sport perfect for book markers to find new angles. Football also has matches that are completely unfair, like matches in domestic cups where one or two teams are the strongest. 

So, all the other matches are not that interesting as the outcome is already predicted. To make the games interesting the bookmark puts handicaps on different sets of odd angles. One of the major bookmakers, Bet365 allows in-play betting in the case of football. They even have the option for Asian handicaps with regular betting options, shedding more light on, “What is handicap in betting?”; however, there are various betting sites in India both for football and cricket.

2. Handicap Online Betting in Cycling Competition

In respect to its prominence, this betting is most popular in Australia and Newzealand; the bets are placed on road cycling and track racing respectively. In the case of track cycling the handicap needs to be placed as distance for the weaker riders. The stronger riders in order to win the bet need to complete a lengthy distance in comparison to the weaker ones. The same goes for Road cycling.

In essence, there are various times records also on which handicap bets are placed. For example, for the first female winner in the case of mixed races, a short time is taken to reach the final line record of the longest route. In some of the road races the weaker ones start earlier than the stronger ones. Because it produces a high level of thrills in this domain of handicap in betting.

3. NFL betting 

NFL is the most popular sport in the U.S. The impact of this betting in the NFL is apparently huge. As the outcome of a basketball game is based on the difference in points between the two respective teams the betting becomes quite easy to regulate. Just like the case of football match betting the handicap is placed on a team’s total score. To understand a bit more about what is handicap betting, let’s take an example.

To explain, if Chicago Bulls are playing the Dallas Cowboys and the handicap is set to -5.2 on the score of the Chicago Bulls then, when counting the total score line even if 5.2 points are deducted from Chicago Bulls they will still win the game and you win the bet. These kinds of bets make the game interesting and bookmakers get to make straight games a bit more complex and engaging.

4. Rugby Betting 

In the same way, Rugby games follow a pretty similar approach to football betting and NFL betting. As the outcome of the game is decided by points and scores the betting is easy to understand. Let’s start with an example, in the final Game between France and Wales in the 2019 Rugby World Cup, there was a handicap bet placed on France’s national team of +5 meaning in order to win the bet France’s national team should win the match with Five points more, a reverse bet is also made that if the France national team loses it should lose by 5 goals. Based on the form of the team the punters placed their bet on these two odds and won money or loosed it.

What Is Asian Handicap Betting? 

What Is Asian Handicap Betting? 

In this type of betting, the lines or the handicap values are somewhat unchangeable. The most popular line or value would be that of “-1.5”. So let’s use this example and understand what is handicap in betting or more specifically Asian betting is.

Now at the beginning of the game underdogs get an +1.5 goal lead, In order to win the bet, the stronger team should score more than 2 goals to win the game and the bet. If you place your bet on the underdogs then, then the team should play well to avoid any defeat or worse scenario loos just by one goal. Then you will win your bet. although this type of betting seems easier to understand. However, quarter and three-quarter part of the betting becomes a bit more complex.

Three-quarter betting includes lines such as -.25 and -.75. In this case of betting the team you placed your bet on draws the match then you get half of the money that you have placed as a bet. Asian Handicap wagering is profitable and creates a loss for the bookmark at the same time. 

What Is European Handicap Betting? 

European-based handicap betting dates back even more than Asian handicap wagering. European betting consists of some of the major bookmarkers that conduct this kind of betting. It works just like Asian ones however the change is that the betting takes place in 3 ways. You can bet on drawing a team also. For example, if we consider a football match between India and Bangladesh, So punters can place bets on Bangladesh not scoring any goals or the match being a draw. It expands the angles of betting by placing bets in a draw of a match.

List of all the Major Handicap Wagering Bookmakers

List of all the Major Handicap Wagering Bookmakers

1. Bet365 handicap Wagering

BET365 logo

With the help of this bookmarker, you can place Asian handicap gambling on any corner. Thus, the game becomes more interesting. You can bet on games that have already goals after your bet making it easy for you to predict the game and place your bet. Even you can place European bets as well on many of the football games played abroad.

Even in this type of betting you can bet in-play making it more engaging. With its consistently positive results, bet365 is among the best bookmarkers to engage with handicap in betting, making its in-play betting platform unique compared to other bookmarkers.

2. Sky Bet Handicap Betting

Sky Bet

Sky Bet Handicap Bookmarker is the favorite of all the punters that love to bet on a football match. You can bet on every angle of a football match. However, with this bookmark, you cannot do Asian handicap gambling. This platform is well-known for its European betting style. You can bet from -2 to +4 goal handicap.

If you are someone that does not want to get into complicated Asian handicap wagering then Sky Bet is your platform. The initial charges of the betting are also quite cheap so you can start earning money with less to lose and transforming into a bet in exchange.

3. Boyle Sports Handicap Online Betting app

Boyle Sports

This is an American betting platform where you can sign in and place your bets at an affordable price range. However, do keep in mind that using this platform you cannot place Asian Handicap bets. Although there are various options for European betting. You can bet on every European football match with the handicap ranging from +4 to -2. The platform works effortlessly and has a huge user base making it among the best European betting platforms available out there.

 4. Pari Match Handicap Wagering


Well, it is most common among Asian people to place Asian handicap bets on football matches. Keep in mind that you cannot place European-style betting on this platform. This platform uses an app to facilitate the bettings. The app follows an easy user interface so that even if you are a new user you will not feel difficult to find the options. So, it is perfect football betting.

Benefits of Handicap Online Betting

Well, to look at this type of betting there are many benefits to it. For example, this kind of betting does count the effort of the whole team and not a single player or a single match. It makes obvious outcomes interesting by adding handicap values to them. If you have a deep understanding of the game and the team you are betting on.
You will have a clear chance of winning the bet. It also generates viewership to matches that have a predicted outcome, like in the case of every match played by underdogs. It allows people to see match miracles sometimes also.

Drawbacks of Handicap Wagering

For anyone betting for the first time, Asian handicap wagering may seem very complex for them to understand. Hence they may lose money by not understanding the rules. We in this article have tried to make it easy for you to understand the various types of betting. Following these tips, you know the tactics before placing your bets. Placing handicap bets will be bad if you think that the underdogs are going to win the match.  That can leave you with a debt of losses. 

In the case of Asian lines, the loss margin is even higher. So better know where you are placing your bets. The best way is to look for either football or cricket betting tips to know well of your odds before you place your bets. However, the book marker only earns the larger portion of the profit as it can work in reverse. So the bookmarker gets the money on either side of the bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What does handicap +1.5 mean?

This kind of line or handicap value is often majorly common in Asian betting. This handicap value means that the underdog team at the start of the match gets a +1.5 goal advantage. In order for the stronger team to win the match and the bet, they should score more than 2 goals. If you place your bet on the underdog team instead then the team must not lose. If they lose they should lose with only 1 goal not more than that.  

Q 2. What does a +1 handicap mean in football?

This would mean a goal as an advantage to the underdog team between the underdog team and the stronger team. To win the bet the stronger team must score 2 goals and the underdog must score no goals against them.  Opposite to this, the team will win the bet if the underdog score 1 goal and wins the match. 

Q 3. What do you mean by handicap online betting?

Handicap wagering is different than normal betting, where a person places a bet on the outcome of a game.  You can place bet on the final scoreline of the outcome of the match. Handicap means a numerical limit applied on the final scoreline of the stronger team. So, the team has to cross the limit to win the bet.


All things considered, handicap betting is taking over the betting community now. Regular betting isn’t that much fun when there is a match between a strong team and a weak team. So to make it fun, handicap or numerical limits appear on the final scorelines. The stronger team must score more than the limit to win the game and win the bet. In other words, the weaker team can’t receive goals more than the limit to win the bet. Handicap online betting is useful in various sports such as chess, polo, football, NFL basketball, and Rugby.

In a nutshell, there are various types of handicap wagering, European-style betting and Asian handicap wagering being the major ones. Asian handicap online betting uses lines or numerical limits such as 1.5, 0.25, and 0.75 to place bets. You get half the money you invest when the match becomes a tie. In the case of European betting, you can bet at a range of -2 to +4. You can also bet on the drawing of a match.

Hence, there is a fair side of benefits and drawbacks to handicap betting. It all depends on the knowledge you possesses about sports so that you can bet and earn money from it. Make sure to get through all the rules of Asian and European handicap online betting before you place your bet.           

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