Is Betwinner a Safe App? Complete & Latest Review

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Do you want to enjoy wagering? But are confused about which app to choose? If you have landed on Betwinner for completing all your wagering needs? Then this guide will help you in every way possible. Well, Betwinner apk is such a popular app that it has too much to offer. 

In the below guide, we are coming up with a complete review of Betwinner. We have dedicatedly prepared a full-fledged evaluation of Betwinner India app, covering its features, pros, and cons with a complete rating section. Through this, you can actually get whether the app suits you or not.  You just need to read the article all the way through this conclusion, and you will get everything resolved.

An Overview of Betwinner

betwinner apk

Betwinner is a popular betting app in India. This app has managed to gain an Indian audience. They have already served the world with their tremendous features and are ready to grab the Indian audience. Well, it has been in India since 2018 and already worked well with its exciting features. Moreover, the app has so many features to offer to its users.

On top of all the features, it provides great bonuses and huge promotions to its users to gain a real audience. Well, people are also enjoying the bonus feature in the app as they are getting what they want. Furthermore, it can give you more when it comes to navigation; the app and the site are too smooth to run. It provides you with a one-click registration process as well.

Features of Betwinner App

In this section, we are going to cover all the features of the Betwinner India app so that you will be able to figure out what the app actually serves its users. If you are already in the field of wagering for quite a long time, then you must know about that how much can these features matter. Let’s check them out with the pointers below.  

  • Welcome Bonus: Betwinner India allows huge bonuses and rewards at different events. You can enjoy a 150% bonus on your welcome and get up to 8k INR cashback reward for yourself. It has endless bonus options for its audience.
  • Esports Betting Section: Betwinner apk provides you with the esports betting section that has so many sports to offer to its audience. Its audience is varied, and they enjoy the distinctiveness of the sports in the app. They can enjoy betting on whatever sport they want.
  • Live Streamings & Bettings Available: Betwinner app for betting allows you many other features, such as live streaming and betting. Well, this feature is the most required feature for any bettor. Hence, everyone wants to enjoy betting with lively features. Moreover, it provides you with a live bet in-exchange feature as well. 
  • Offers Casino: If you are a Casino lover, then this app has too much to offer you. You can enjoy various casino games and have a huge bonus for winning them. Well, so many other betting apps offer you casino games to get your time invested.  You can use Betwinner promo code in the game as well. 
  • Easy Deposit & Withdrawal Options: On top of every feature, the Betwinner apk download will disable the headache of money withdrawal. You are no longer required to worry about money withdrawal as this app allows quick deposits and withdrawals. 

Pros and Cons of Betwinner App

To give you a proper insight into the aspects of Betwinner, a betting app, we are coming up with a section that will tell you about the justified overview with the pros and cons of the Betwinner app. Let’s check all the benefits and downfalls of  the app. So without further delay, let’s get started.


  • Easy to download.
  • Optimized interface.
  • Easy Registration.
  • A wide array of sports
  • A bonus of up to 10,000
  • A huge betting market is available
  • Good promotions and bonuses for sports


    • Require frequent Betwinner login
    • The app is a bit cluttered. 
    • Don’t have an attractive bonus for Casinos

How To Perform Betwinner App Download?

betwinner app download

If you think the Betwinner app is good for you, then you must follow the steps below to perform the complete Betwinner Apk download. Well, if you go to the browser for the Betwinner app download, then you must get confused with so many options and fake websites. Hence, we are coming up with easy steps that anyone can follow easily.

  • Get into your system settings and enable the permission to enable the download location. 
  • After that, you are required to tap the above coming play now button and let the download complete. 
  • After the completion of the Betwinner download, you are required to open the recently downloaded file. 
  • Get done with the screen-coming wizards and complete the installation process or Betwinner login. 

How To Bet in Betwinner Apk?

If you are done with the Betwinner apk download, you must think of how to bet in the app. Well, this is a dedicated section for you through which you can be able to bet in the app. Well, the way of betting is quite similar to other betting apps such as Bluechip. Let’s check the steps out. 

  • Complete Betwinner download, and now create an account on the app.
  • Add some money to your wallet.
  • Select the sport, event, tournament, or league on which you want to bet.
  • Select the betting option.
  • Enter the amount that you want to put at stake.
  • Click confirm to get done with the betting.

Betwinner Review & Ratings: Factors Based

betwinner review

In this section, we are going to encounter five factors that will definitely give you an account of what to do actually. Our experts have cut down the slack for you and decided to review the app with the top 5 most impacting factors for a betting app. Hence, we have decided to divide the section into five and rated the factors accordingly. Let’s check that out.

Bonus offers

Expert’s Ratings: 8/10

It has so many bonus offers and options that you can avail in the app on your welcome and on your first deposit. Well, rewards and bonuses are huge. You can check in the app as well. However, the casino bonus is not so much appealing. But you can enjoy great bonuses on betting. This is the reason why our experts have rated it less. 

Mobile Experience

Expert’s Ratings: 8/10

The mobile experience of the Betwinner apk is not so good, as the app is not as smooth as its contrasting wagering apps provide in India. Moreover, the cluttering feature of the dedicated betting app is not much flexible. Hence our experts have rated it with fewer points. The mobile experience of the app is a bit harsh on the device. Hence the device doesn’t work well. 

Betting variety

Expert’s Ratings: 10/10

The best part of using the Betwinner app is the huge betting variety and availability of the betting market. The huge betting variety attracts a lot of its users. People usually like that it allows them to bet on different and unique sports that are difficult to find in other Online betting apps. Hence, our experts have given it a great rating.

Payment Options

Expert’s Ratings: 10/10

The payment option is the top feature of the app. It allows you to withdraw the amount in just 15 minutes. You can enjoy fast deposit and withdrawal options in the app. Hence, the app is easy to maintain. No matter what kind of payment and betting you are performing. It supports almost every way of payment. Hence, our experts have rated it with 10 points. 

Overall Betting Experience

Expert’s Ratings: 9/10

The overall betting experience in the app is quite smooth and simple. One can enjoy betting to its full extent as the app serves huge monetary bonuses and rewards. Well, our experts have rated the app with a good rating.  Its pros are truly satisfactory to any wagers. 

License & Security: Is Betwinner Safe &Secure?

Betwinner app is quite safe and secure for its audience. You can simply get into the app and enjoy betting. Well, the app comes with a Curacao license. That proves the app is completely safe to use. Well, the app has been used for so many years and has gained much of its audience in the last few years. Above that, if you are thinking of its money guarantee feature, then it also serves you with the best of the money credit, deposit, and withdrawal options. Well, you can check the best safety tips for betting to be on top all the time.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Betwinner a safe app?

Yes, Betwinner is a safe app to use. It comes with a license if Curacao. You can trust the app. It also guarantees you a high-end bonus and rewards. 

Q2. Is Betwinner safe in India?

Yes, Betwinner is also safe in India. You can trust the app. Moreover, the app is legal in India, as India doesn’t comes up with any hard and fast rules for online betting. However, you must check your state laws.

Q3. How long does Betwinner withdrawal take?

Betwinner withdrawals are too simple and instant. You can withdraw your money in just 15 minutes. This betting app is at the top because of its less withdrawal time.

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