BetShah Review: How To Download? Is It Realy Reliable To Use?

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Rating: 4.6/5.0
    • IPL Daily Free Bets
    • Live Betting and Live Streaming
    • Huge Betting Market
    • Unmatched Games
    • Tremendous Bonus

Do you want to enjoy wagering to the fullest? And are confused about which app to choose. Well, today, we are going to come up with the most interesting and revolutionary app for betting. Through this, you can enjoy betting on almost every kind of sport. Well, the platform is BetShah which has so many features to offer. One can enjoy huge bonuses, rewards, free bets, cashback, and much more. But is this really worth a shot? Is it reliable to use? Let’s check it out in the article below to know if the platform is for you.

BetShah: Overview

BetShah is a popular betting site that provides you with the best of the feature. If you love to enjoy huge bonuses and rewards, then this betting site is for you. It provides you with easy to navigate interface. Well, it doesn’t have any dedicated app to facilitate its users. But you can enjoy the betting on their official site. 

BetShah Review

You can enjoy free bets on the platform; this betting site serves you with a huge sportsbook, which is unique among all the other wagering apps. It also offers live streaming and betting options so that you can enjoy your betting time to the fullest.   

Features of BetShah

BetShah provides you with the best of the features through which you can actually take your betting experience to the next level. You can enjoy betting more with this as it has something for every wagering player. Its huge sportsbook feature allows you to bet on almost every game. Let’s check more of its features to know more about it. 

  • IPL Daily Free Bets: The platform is quite famous for providing best of the betting on IPL. You can enjoy online betting on this platform. Its huge sportsbook feature allows you to have the ultimate experience of betting. Betting on IPL does charge you the IPl betting fee, which is common to charge on any other cricket wagering apps in India.
  • Unmatched Games: Its huge sportsbook feature will allow you to bet on almost every kind of game.  Every wagering expert is happy with the site as it has something for everyone. Hence, the audience of the betting site is growing largely.
  • Default Payment Methods: It supports various payment methods through which one can easily withdraw and deposit their wagering amount. You can allow any payment app to withdraw your winning amount. This way, people usually enjoy the flexibility of payment options.
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming: The best part of any betting app is that it provides you with live betting and streaming options. Well, this BetShah betting site also allows you to have the unparalleled experience of betting by providing you with a live betting and streaming feature. 
  • Huge Betting Market: No doubt that the betting market of the betting site is quite huge that it has so many events, leagues, and other tournaments that one can enjoy. You will always find something for yourself on the site. Hence, the betting site becomes the first choice of many of its users.
  • Tremendous Bonus: On top of every other feature, the bonus and promotion feature comes at the top. You can enjoy the higher rewards and bonuses on the betting site on your welcome, on your first deposit, etc. 

Pros and Cons of BetShah

In this section, we are going to cover some of the major pros and cons of the betting site so that you will better be able to figure out whether the platform is suitable for you or not. Let’s check the pros and cons in the below section.


    • Live customer support 24/7
    • Offers exclusive bonuses and rewards on deposits
    • Wide sportsbook
    • Offers a loyalty program
    • Accepts cryptocurrency
    • Completely safe and secure to use.
    • Supports different languages to facilitate its audience.


    • Only chat support is available
    • Requirements are high 
    • The platform is not available in European countries.
    • The minimum deposit for the bonus is high for most users.

How to Download BetShah Casino?

betshah casino review

If you have made up your mind to download after reading the BetShah review, then you must follow the below-written steps as the below steps are the easiest and less technical. Well, you can download it from the dedicated app store or Play store, but nowadays, there has been a rise in the false app. So it is advised to download the app from a trusted source like us. Let’s check the downloading steps.

  • Get into the settings of your device and enable all the downloading sources.
  • After enabling it, you are all set to download.
  • To download, you must click the below-coming button and let the download procedure starts.
  • After you are done with the download, you are set to start the installation process. 
  • For installation, you are required to follow the on-screen instruction for the installation. And once you are done with all the coming steps, you are set to bet.

How To Bet on BetShah App?

If you are done with the BetShah Casino review, then you are all set to get started with the bet on the app. If you are new in the wagering world, you must read the safety tips first and then let yourself indulge in the betting further. Well, betting on this platform is not that tough. It is just a 2 min long process to perform. You can easily perform the below-written steps and get started with winning huge rewards. Let’s check them out.

  • First, you are required to add some deposit on the platform wallet to get started.
  • Select your favorite sport on which you want to bet.
  • Select the event and tournament, whatever you want to choose.
  • Select the odds for your bet. Well, the app provides the most relevant odds. 
  • Now, you are all set to enter the stake amount in the column asking you for the stake amount.
  • After that, click the “Place bet” button coming on your screen.
  • As long as you click the button, you are done with the playing bet. 
  • If you win the bet, then the fund will automatically be transferred to your account.  

BetShah App Bonuses

Bonus and rewards are the two major things that every wager looks at while choosing the best wagering site for themselves. Hence, we have made a dedicated section for you. This way, you get to know about the bonus that BetShah Casino provides. 

  • 100% bonus up to ₹8000 on the first deposit
  • 50% up to ₹8000 on the second deposit.
  • 120% up to ₹8000 on the third deposit

Factor-Based Review and Rating By Top Notch Experts

BetShah Review

In this section, we are going to explore the ratings and reviews of the app by our wagering experts. Well, our review is based on the factors that affect the usability of the app the most. Let’s check that out. 

Bonus offers

Expert’s Ratings: 8/10

It has exclusive bonus offers for its users. We have already made a prescribed section for the bonus; you can check the bonus you are going to avail of. Well, the bonus offered by the app is good but there are various other apps that also allows you more high-end bonus. Hence, our experts have rated it with a score of 8 out of 10. 

Mobile Experience

Expert’s Ratings: 8/10

The mobile experience of BetShah casino site is really appreciable, and you can enjoy the casino and every other game on your phone. Well, it doesn’t have any dedicated app for it; hence, you will require to use the platform on the browser. Well, the mobile experience is smooth, but if they had a dedicated app, then it will be easier for people to use the platform.

Betting variety

Expert’s Ratings: 10/10

The betting variety of the platform BetShah is quite incredible. You can enjoy the huge sports betting option in the game. It has too many sports on which you can bet. Moreover, it also offers you the best of the tournaments, events, and leagues through which you can enjoy the most out of your wagering time. 

Payment Options

Expert’s Ratings: 9/10

The payment option available in the app is quite a wide range. You can enjoy most of your betting time without worrying about the payment methods, as the methods are easy to follow. Hence, you can enjoy quick and fast withdrawals. Well, our experts are quite impressed with its payment options hence they have given a good score of 10/10 for this factor. 

Overall Betting Experience

Expert’s Ratings: 9/10

The overall betting experience in the app is truly commendable. One can enjoy a lot of features in a single platform. You can have live betting and streaming feature. Its bonuses and rewards are also good, and the other features of the app, such as the huge betting market and wide sportsbook, are what make it the best for most of its users. 

License & Security: Is It Safe & Secure?

The BetShah betting platform is completely safe. It is highly dedicated to Casino games. Well, you can enjoy almost every sport in the app. Hence, the app become the most trusted since its release. The platform has been in use for so many years, and no news related to the data leaks and data theft by the platforms has come out so far. Well, the betting site is licensed with the Curacao gaming authority. Let’s check some of the points that prove the app is completely safe for you.

  • Licensed by Curacao gaming authority.
  • In the market since 2020.
  • Comes with a great trust score.
  • Has been in use in 10+ countries.
  • Owned by a verified owner Impulsio Limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Bet at Home safe?

Yes, betting at home is safe in India as India doesn’t have any hard and fast rules for online betting in India. Well, so many states don’t support betting at all. So you must check your state’s laws first.

Q2. Is it safe to bet on BetShah?

Yes, it is completely safe to bet on BetShah as Curacao betting authority licenses this app. Moreover, the app has also been used for so many years by so many users. Hence, has gained the trust of various users over time. Also, no complaints or news of data theft about the app has come so far.

Q3. Is BetShah Sports legit?

Yes, the BetShah Casino or sports app is legitimate, and it is safe to use. Also, has been trusted by so many users so far.



In a nutshell, we have given you the best BestShah Casino review along with ratings as per its features so that you can evaluate whether the platform is suitable for you or not. We have given you a full-fledged discussion on its pros, cons, and features so that you can know about the app. If you have made up your mind to bet on the platform, then the above download section can help you. If you still have any doubts or confusion, then you can contact us anytime.

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