Everything To Know About 4Rabet App: An Expert’s Review

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Rating: 4.7/5.0
  • Variety of Sporting Events
  • Extraordinary live betting stations
  • Casino Games available
  • Easy Deposits and Withdrawals of Money
  • Available for Android and iOS Devices

4Rabet app is a betting platform that allows users to bet on various sporting events such as Football, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, etc. The app was introduced in India in 2018 until then it is been a favorite of many punters that bet on sporting events. Their main headquarters is in Cyprus and it is open for Indian players. In addition to this, you can use Indian currency as well. 

Moreover, the app provides sportsbooks and casino games that are engaging and informative at the same time. One of the main features that are making it popular among youngsters is betting in Esports tournaments. So let us dig deep into why 4Rabet apk should be your one and only betting app. Let us get started.

A General Overview of the 4Rabet App

4Rabet App: An Expert’s Review

Among the top available esports and betting platforms, the 4rabet app is the dominant one in the world, needless to mention India. Over a short span of time, it has grabbed the top spot in the betting world in India owing to its easy portability and user experience. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

And, it is quite noteworthy for the casino, football, and tennis, however, it has gained mastery in IPL, offering slick and top-notch betting performance for its users. And therefore, there is a  huge demand for the 4Rabet app download recently.

Some Important Attractions of the App

In all the betting apps, there happen to be some unique attractions because of which bettors get interested in the particular app. Likewise, 4Rabet is one of the best online betting apps as it provides massive amounts of options to bet on and unparalleled bonus offers, also with numerous other features some of which are as follows:

  • Fast and effortless transaction while depositing and withdrawing.
  • A huge array of sporting events to bet your money.
  • The platform is available in mobile apps and even in website form.
  • There are many online casino games to keep you hooked to the betting site. 

Reasons for Huge Userbase (Advantages of 4Rabet App)

4Rabet App Advantages & Disadvantages

With betting in esports and live tournaments, 4Rbet apk has become a favorite app for many people looking for betting on various sports. We have pointed out the top features that make 4rbet different than the rest of the betting apps out there. 

  • Variety of Sporting Events

The best thing about this betting app is it allows you to bet on multiple sports. You can bet on live events as well such as the latest IPL matches or some of the less popular ones also. You will have a blast getting through a plethora of sporting events to bet on. If you are interested in esports, then this cricket betting app is the best for you because it allows you to bet on live esports tournaments. So just get started and keep betting with 4Rbet. 

  • Extraordinary live betting stations

If you are a fan of live game betting, this is the right app for you. The experience is unparalleled in comparison to other betting apps. With betting in live games you also get features like you can cash out with the help of live graphical models about the live game. In addition to this, the number of live sporting events is limitless; it may take you 1 hour to get through the entire list.

  • Personal Page of Blogs of Educational Posts

Notably, the 4Rabet apk contains blogs about various sports to make you understand the basic fundamentals so that you can make an informed decision about betting on any of the sports. While betting people used to check out sites that can predict the results before a game and based on the prediction they would make their decision. However, using the educational post you can make your own decision based on your knowledge. Even we recommend not using a prediction site to bet on sports.

  • Available for Android and iOS Devices

Before the launch of the apps, 4Rabet users would only use the website. However, they agreed to the requests of their users and developed a sleek app that contains all the necessary features that a website would have. The app comes with a beautiful design so if you are using the app for the first time you will not face any difficulties. The app is available both for Android and iOS users making it accessible for you to bet on games anywhere with the help of your Smartphone. 

  • Casino Games and Other Online Games 

In fact, the 4Rbet platform contains not only sports to place your bet on but also all kinds of casino games for betting purposes. On the top of the casino games, if you want to play in real casino games then there are live casino sections as well, consisting of live dealers. So you can play online and earn money. The 4rabet rates are quite lucrative for casino games. 

  • Easy Deposits and Withdrawal of Money

On the positive side, the app is adaptable for transactions of Indian currency and you can use UPI apps also for transactions. Gone are the days when you coil only use credit cards for laying in online betting apps. With technological advancement and the use of digital money UPI,  transactions on betting apps have become easier than we can imagine.

Well, you can also deal in cryptocurrency. So there are no trust issues or a fear of getting charged for using a credit card as you can use e-wallets for any withdrawal or deposit. Actually, it is among the most trusted betting sites in India. For some matches, there are also no deposit bonus 4rabet offers. 

Things That Need Improvement (Disadvantages of 4Rabet App)

Specifically, the 4Rabet is a widely prevalent app in India and many people use it for betting in live sporting events. While there are a lot of features in the 4Rabet app, we think some loopholes are there, that require immediate improvement. Here is the list of all the points that we disliked in the app:

  • Limited Wage amount 

Obviously, the wagering amount is the sum of money that you put in the stake while betting. So, in 4rbet you get only 7 days to use your bonus money that you have won to pay out the wage amount, which is a short time considering other betting apps. However, as there are a lot of sports in the sportsbook so spending your bonus will not be difficult for you. 

  • Poorly Integrated Live Chat Sections

Well, it should not come as a shock to you. The customer support of every betting app is bad and does not respond when required. So the same goes for 4rabet; it needs a lot of work because as a user you feel annoyed when customer support isn’t solving your problems. So we hope 4rabet looks into the problem and solves it. 

4Rabet App Download on Mobile Device

4Rabet App Download on Mobile Device

The downloading steps are very easy. 4rabet has finally launched its mobile versions for both Android and iOS devices. The application does not take much storage so there are no major issues with the 4Rabet app download.

Download For Android devices

  • Change permission settings in your device or browser to allow downloads.
  • Search for the 4rabet app in Google Playstore.
  • Press the download button on the app.
  • Or simply use the download button given below.
  • Then follow the instructions reflected on the wizard screen.
  • After completion, open the downloaded app and start the installation.
  • Once installation is complete, start the installation process.
  • Now, you need to register with your personal information.
  • Enter all relevant details such as email, username, etc. 
  • Pick INR as your currency for deposits and withdrawals.  

Download For iOS devices

  • Allow download permission from your device settings
  • Click on the app store. 
  • Search for the 4Rabet app and start the download.
  • Alternatively, click on the download button given below. 
  • The size is around 4MB so you are good to download.
  • Continue with the instructions on the wizard screen.
  • Now, open the recently downloaded file.
  • Start the installation process.
  • After the finish the registration process with personal details.
  • Enter your registration details such as email, phone number, etc. 
  • Remember to select INR as your preferred currency. 

After the 4Rabet app download is complete and installed you have to get registered first to enjoy betting. We have broken down the download steps for you. Upon registering you are now a member of the 4Rabet platform and you can then bet on the sport of your liking. And get cricket betting tips before you start enjoying this app and the 4rabet registration bonus.   

Where 4Rabet is legal?

Where 4Rbet is legal?

4rabet has its headquarters set up in Cyprus, Egypt. Its app is legal in India to use. The app has legitimate licensing so no need to worry you can go ahead and bet on any sport of your choice. You use your UPI ID apps for payment so and all the transactions are protected by heavy encryption, 128-bit SSL grade so your money is in safe hands. Your banking details and transaction details are also secure with this grade of encryption.
However, you need to make sure that the place you are living in has no ban on betting. We have made a list of countries where betting is not available so you can check that. 

  • Great Britain
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • The United States
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • France
  • Canada

Bonuses and Promo Codes of 4rabet 

Of course, 4Rabet offers many promotional and welcome offers that are not present on any betting apps. The offers are present for new players and also for old users of the app. Offers include welcome bonuses and winning cases for users. However, you need to keep in mind that there are no loyalty-based offers for all the existing old users of the platform. But the 4Rabet rates are very affordable which makes it so convenient.  

If you are a sports fanatic then there is an offer just for you. With the recent IPL matching going on 4Rabet has launched new offers for the cricket match punters. If you are a new player on this platform, there are 4 incredible offers that sum up to 60k rupees.

So keep betting and keep earning loads of money. There are money promo codes available on the internet on 4rabet, so keep searching and apply them to win up to a 240% bonus offer on your wage amount. Having no deposit bonus will leave you without earning a lot of money. 

Deposit and Withdrawal of Money

By and large, the transaction of money is one of the main concerns of a punter going to bet on sports. In India every one does not carry a credit card and does not use it, so 4rabet uses the UPI ID app for transactions of money. You can withdraw the money won immediately so no need to worry. 4Rabet offers 100% payout guarantees and a fast and error-free transaction process.

If you worry about the protection of your banking detail, then there is nothing to worry about as the data gets encrypted using high-grade coding. You can deposit and withdraw money using, Google pay, Phone pe, cryptocurrency, IMPS, etc. This kind of withdrawal process is better than the bet in exchange platform or any other app. 


In this article, we have tried to give a complete overview of the app and betting platform 4Rabet. In short, the app provides bonus offers and sporting event options like no other betting platform. Here you can also bet on live sporting events. You can do regular betting, handicap, or ultimate winner types of bets. The app is completely safe to use as it uses 128-bit SSL-grade encryption to protect your banking details, hence making it safe to use. 

On the flip side, there are a bit of downsides such as the customer support is not up to the mark and you get fewer days to spend your bonuses. However, over all the app is quite flawless and provides all kinds of help and support needed for punter to peacefully put in their bets and earn money from it.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is 4Rabet a safe app?

Yes absolutely it s safe to use and the transaction details with your credentials are all encrypted by 128-bit SSL-grade coding. The app has got the licensing so it is a legitimate betting platform. However, make sure that your country allows betting on sports so that you do not get penalized. 

Q 2. Is 4Rabet legal in India?

Yes, it is legal in India to bet on sports. 4Rabet is one of many betting apps that are used in this country. You need to make sure that you are above 18 years of age to register on this platform. On top of that please read all the terms and conditions regarding the app or the website before betting money on sporting events. 

Q 3. Can we withdraw bonus money in 4Rabet?

Indeed, you easily withdraw the money that you have won. 4Rabet has enabled transactions from UPI apps such as Google Pay, Phone Pe, and Paytm. So depositing or withdrawing money has got very easy with 4Rabet. The 4Rabet no-deposit bonus helps you get started easily.   

Q 4. Which country owns 4Rabet?

As for the location, the headquarters is in Cyprus, Egypt. It has branches spread over the globe like in Curacao where it leads its betting operations. You can use the 4Rabet app in India and any other country where betting is allowed. Make sure to check whether your country allows betting on sports and then start using the app to bet.

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