Understand Money Line Bet Inside Out–How to Place Bets to Win?

A money line is among the simplest and most straightforward types of betting in sports. Still, there are several factors to be considered before you go placing a money line bet. There can only be three outcomes: team A wins, team B wins, or both team ties. This makes the calculations far less complicated as compared to other forms of betting.

We will attempt to explain the most commonly used wager by understanding all of its aspects, how to place a bet, when you are more likely to win, and which online sportsbook offers good odds on the money line bet. 

What is a Money Line Bet? Explaining Wagers

moneyline bet

To put it simply, the money line is when you place a bet on the team that you think will win. Considering there is only one criterion—who wins—there are only three possible outcomes: the first team wins, the second team wins, or both teams may tie. 

For example, in football betting on a match between Germany and Brazil, suppose you wager the money line on Brazil. In case Brazil wins at the end of the match, you will win the bet and double what you paid. But in case Germany wins, you will lose all your money. So, what happens if the match ties—the original bet will be returned to you and you will neither win nor lose any money. 

On the positive side, the thing that makes money line bet so much less complicated is that it does not have any point spread. Depending on the sportsbook you are using, there is only a maximum of three options to choose from: either team/player or a draw situation.

How Does Money Line Work?

In any sport, there are usually two outcomes, and in some cases, three. If it’s between teams, one team could win and the other would lose, or they could draw where both teams score the same. The same outcomes are also seen in the case of games played between two players. The money line bet is very simple: you select a team or player that you think will win and place your bets. If the outcome of the game matches your prediction, you win the wager, if not, you lose.  

Different sportsbooks offering money line bets will have different odds on the playing teams. You can easily find the money line wager in any cricket betting app. But beware while placing a bet you should keep in mind the odds and these three terms that you need to learn:

  • The Favorites – This refers to the player or team who is perceived by the audience as most likely to win. In money line wagers, the favorite is denoted by a minus (-) sign beside the team name. This has lesser returns. 
  • The Underdogs – This refers to the other team or player who is perceived by the audience to be most likely to lose the match. In money line wagers, the underdog is denoted by a plus (+) sign beside the team name. This has higher returns. 
  • Even or Pick’ em – It is a special case where both team or player seems to have an equal chance of winning or losing so the sportsbook also price them equally. In this case, you will win the same amount regardless of which team you choose. It is denoted by ‘EV’ (even) or ‘PK’ (Pick ‘em) on the money line betting.

Does the Odds Change in Moneyline Betting?

The first thing to remember is that you need to look out for money line wagers if the odds are always changing. It is not an ideal situation but the odds are changed by bookkeepers. This happens to make sure that winners can get paid and that they can earn a profit either way.

Hence, you need to look out for sportsbooks with even or nearly even odds on both teams. This way the bookkeeper can use the money earned from bets placed on the losing team to pay the winners their winnings. In order to understand this, you first need to know how does money line work. 

Moneyline Parlays: What You Need To Know About Them

how does moneyline work

By now, you must know what is a moneyline bet. Now, we will tell you what it means by money line parlays. This is a concept that will make your betting experience all that more enjoyable. In this type of wagering, the winnings from your money line bet are taken and invested. This can continue for as long as you wish. The bookkeeper will keep punting on your behalf taking the winnings from one game and investing in another. This is the gist of money line parlays.

In detail, it is an interesting play with a lot of potential for considerable payoffs, however, you should keep an eye out on the odds of different teams that you will be betting This works particularly well for odds that are changing rather than those odds which are more or less stable. The payoffs on money line parlays can be easily calculated. It is highest if you win on all consecutive matches but it also comes with a greater risk: you can lose all your money, even the winnings from previous matches if you lose in any one match.

Is it Wise to Play in Moneyline Betting?

Since it is a relatively easy-to-understand wager, money line bets are best for new users. You only need to understand what is a moneyline bet in order to play the game. If you are a complete beginner in the world of gambling and if you are getting confused by the more complicated bets that are available then this is perfect for you! All you need to do is pick a team with great odds and if they win, you win. It is as simple as that.

Money line wagers also work really well if you need to quickly double your money. In the case when you have too little money to wager on different kinds of bets, a money line is an easy way to double your money and increase it enough to be able to bet on different kinds of bets. 

How to Win Using Money Line Odds?

How to Win Using Money Line Odds?

In order to win by punting on money line odds, look out for higher odds on underdogs. Underdogs offer greater returns but it also comes with higher risk. Only go for this option if the underdogs are playing really well and you think they might win the match. In other cases, you should bet on the favorite and there will be a higher chance of you winning the bet. This is best if you want to play it safe. 

Although a money line is not a very complicated bet, make sure you know exactly what is a moneyline bet before risking big chunks of your money. However, once you get the hang of it, it is not too difficult to win using a money line wager.

Top Online Sportsbook For Money Line Bet

As regards the number of betting platforms, there are several online sportsbooks available for Indians which operate from outside the country. This is because offline gambling is illegal in India, but betting sites in India are completely legal. Among these sportsbooks, several offer a variety of money-line bets. Here are the top five fan favorites online betting sites to get you started in the world of betting. 


To begin with, you must be familiar with this name because DraftKings is the most popular online betting site. Almost everyone is using it. It is all because of its convenient interface. Wide variety of bets including moneyline betting, and various banking options for deposits and withdrawals.

In fact, all of these great features are easily accessible. Using an internet browser or through its extremely convenient and user-friendly app. The app makes it easier to punt on your favorite matches and also lets you easily view every available bet including money line bets.

Another reason why DraftKings is so popular is because of their bonuses. They offer bonuses on different gameplays at all times. Also, the minimum deposit is quite low compared to the possibly high payoff. In fact, for your first deposit, they offer a 20% bonus of up to $1000! Now who wouldn’t want to bet on that kind of opportunity?


The next fun betting app comes from the parent company of MGM Casino. If you are familiar with MGM Casino then you know how authentic and trustworthy BetMGM can be. BetMGM is beloved by players because of its great features. You can use this site for different kinds of bets such as over and under, point spreads, middle bets, futures bets, and of course, money line bets.

However, the downside of having too many options is that it is a little complicated to navigate through the site. It does allow you to bet on niche games that are not available on any other betting sites. Along with sports betting, there are casino betting, TV betting, and even live betting with so many options and lucrative odds. If you are wondering,  “How does money line work?”, you can have a well-informed gaming experience on this platform. 

In addition to all this, BetMGM has more than 10 different banking options to make deposits and withdrawals covering all forms of banking including net banking, checks, credit cards, and also online payment channels like Paypal. Using these options, you can make deposits as low as $10. The minimum limit for withdrawal is also $10 but the best part is that there are no transaction costs so you get to keep all of your winnings.


Now that you know what is a moneyline bet, you can use your knowledge to bet on various sports through the FanDuel betting site. This site has been rising in popularity over the last few years because of its easy-to-master site interface. The huge number of options in terms of betting types. For example, you can easily use FanDuel to punt on your favorite team as an over and under bet, point spread bet or money line bet. This is to name only a small fraction of all the kinds of betting options available. 

Notably, the sportsbook’s features are their latest addition and it is just as good as their fantasy sports betting. You can use this to bet on various games and so many tournaments. All of these options are available for you at the low deposit rate of only $10 and zero transaction fees! FanDuel also offers various opportunities to earn bonuses and you can withdraw them within 2-10 business days with minimum hassle.


Specifically, this Australian betting site is designed for sports betting and it has become extremely popular in the United States. The PointsBet site offers easy access to different sections and multiple betting options. If you are new to betting then try their money line bet and point spread wager, which are some of the simplest bets available. They accept bets on popular games like cricket, football, hockey, tennis, etc, but do consult a few cricket betting tips before putting in all your money. 

In addition to options in games and wagers, they also offer options in banking systems. You can use credit cards, net banking, and UPI to make deposits. All these banking channels are also available for withdrawals. Another great feature of PointsBet is that offer loads of rewards and bonuses on different games year-round. So, there are greater chances of earning along with all the winnings.


Caesars Sportsbook made it to the top 5 sportsbooks. They offer greater varieties of wagers on different sports, and multiple opportunities to win rewards. All of this comes as an easy-to-use and all-in-one app that lets you access all of its amazing sections that are already available on their site. 

Since Caesars is supported by big names in the industry, you are guaranteed an exquisite betting experience. What is so cool about Caesars is that you can use their rewards in-app or on their other sites as well. 

Although their lowest deposit of $25 is higher than other betting apps, it is still a great place to start and if you are starting with a money line wager, we suggest you go through what is a moneyline bet first. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Money Line Bet a Good Bet to Use?

It is the simplest form of wager with the lowest returns in the case of favorite teams. However, when you place a moneyline wager on the underdog, it can give you very high returns. This can be used especially in the case when you think underdogs have a high chance of winning. But because it is not so complicated, you can easily win if the player or team that you have wagered on wins. 

Q2. What is the Best Way to Calculate Moneyline Bet?

It is very easy to calculate the outcome of a money line wager. Because of its simplicity, it is among the most common bets used in sports. The easiest way to calculate how much payoff you will get. If you win a money line wager is by taking the odds of winning by the team or player picked by you and multiply it with the amount you placed as a bet. This figure does not include the original bet.

Q3. What is the Difference Between a Line and a Money Line?

Line or Puckline betting grossly differs from money line betting. The former depends on the margin of victory while the latter only depends on which team wins. The calculation of outcomes for each type of betting is very different from one another. In the case of the money line bet, it simply considers whether your chosen team is victorious in the end or not. But calculations for the puck line are much more complicated. 

Overall Thoughts

As can be seen from the above discussion, the Money line bet is a great starting place for new punters and anybody can do it. You simply need to know what is a moneyline bet and you are good to go. This is primarily because it is one of the easiest bets to understand and play. It does not require you to understand complicated scoring systems or sit down with a scientific calculator to calculate your payoffs. Money line offers a simple betting system but it also includes all the thrill of betting. Make sure that you cover how does money line work before starting to punt. 

In brief, there are several online betting sites outlined here for you to try. As an Indian player, online betting is your only option and you will get many legitimate sites to earn an easy buck. Apart from all the sites mentioned above, you can also bet in exchange for a fun gambling experience.

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