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n matched betting, you are guaranteed to win irrespective of the actual outcome of the match. Since this will surely incur a loss for the bookkeeper you will be using, most online betting sites explicitly bar patrons from using this system. So, you need to be extra careful while matching bets and you need to understand every step of the process and all related concepts absolutely clearly.

In this article, we provide detailed explanations of the subject matter, including all associated concepts, the entire process of matching a bet using the free rewards system, the possible risks, and the kind of profit margin you are looking at, if it is applied accurately. 

What is Matched Betting: Everything You Need to Know

Matched Betting

To begin with, you must understand that this type of betting does not actually fall in the category of gambling because there are no risks as such involved. You will definitely win something even if the match does not exactly go your way. This is because it is based on mathematics and simple calculations. Here, you will be exploiting the free offers that so many online betting sites offer to guarantee a winning outcome without having to worry about threats as there are no risk-matched betting implications.

For instance, we will consider betting on a coin toss because it has only two outcomes both of which have an equal probability of happening. Suppose an online betting site is offering $10 on a minimum of $10 bet. So, you can bet $10 on heads coming up or on tails but if you place a bet only on one then you may win or lose and you still have to rely on luck. 

However, you can completely do without this risk factor by betting $10 on both heads and tails. So, the bets themselves will cancel out but at the end of the day you still get to keep the $10 you earn as their free reward. This is the basic explanation of what is match betting. With simple calculations, you can optimize this winning from 50% to 80%. 

So, you need to cover all conditions and make sure that regardless of how much you invest ultimately do not go into a loss. But the offer that they are giving will always be fixed and you can easily earn this from matched betting. 

The Concept of betting exchanges

The Concept of betting exchanges

This follows the same thing as matching bets but instead of betting against bookmakers, you will be betting against fellow punters. In this scenario, you may offer a proposal for a bet and if the second bettor accepts it, then they will effectively act the role of the bookkeeper. You will be taking the lay bet while the other bettor will be taking the back bet.

Although you will most likely always be on the side to accept the lay bet, it is still very important to understand all the related concepts to prevent any miscalculations. Since you will be placing the back bet, it may sound something like this: I want to place a bet on Brazil 3/1 and another bettor will need to accept this bet. 

With a bookkeeper, you are always at the back end and so can only cover one outcome. But in the case of a bet in exchange you can cover other options easily with one bet because you will be on the side of the lay.

Whoever is offering the betting exchange will generally charge you a commission which will be a small percentage of your winning. This charge is taken into account while calculating the final profit you will earn from matching bets. 

Walking Through The Process of Match Betting

Process of Match Betting

Now, if you are wondering how to go about conducting such a thing we are going to help you through it. In this section, we have outlined clear-cut steps on the exact process of matching bets. There are basically four steps that you need to follow to be able to match a bet with absolutely any online betting sites in India

To illustrate, we will show you the steps using examples so that you can understand them easily and follow them accordingly. The key is to start off using small amounts to build up confidence and you need to be practicing a lot before spending a lot of money on this venture in the future. 

Opening multiple accounts with different online betting sites

In the first place, you need to register with more than one online betting site which has a very attractive reward system. This is to make sure that you can cover all your expenditures and not incur any loss in the meantime. So, choose gambling sites with higher rewards that give you more rewards but with the least amount of money on betting. 

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the odds that they are offering on the sports of your choice. You can choose to bet on any sport such as cricket, football, hockey, tennis, or even some lesser-known games such as chess, boxing, hound racing, or absolutely anything. 

Equally important, the best starter account for new players is Smarkets or Coral. In the former, Smarkets, offer a zero commission on new account holders. This way you can maximize your profits because you will not have to pay any commission on your winnings. This offer will be available to you for the first 60 days and you can even extend it to 30 days more if you place your bets within that time period but after that, you will be charged a 2% commission on future bet winnings. 

Choose the decimal odds

This is a crucial step to ease the calculation process for knowing what your final payoff will be. In every site you decide to invest you need to check the settings and switch the odds to a decimal system. This means that the odds will be shown using a decimal system.

For example, if you are placing a bet of $10 on a 3.5 odds then you simply need to multiply the odds with the value of your bet to get the final amount. In this case, it will be $35 (3.5*10). But keep in mind this value includes your principal amount as well as your payoff. So, the payoff for this will be $225 ($35-$10). It is as simple as that. 

Also, follow some cricket betting tips before placing bets so that you can maximize profits and punt on the right matches or tournaments. 

Apply for the qualifying bet for receiving a free bet

Point often overlooked is that you need to keep an eye out for the offers, rewards, and bonuses that are available on different sites and the terms and conditions attached to those rewards. You need to place a bet on only those matches or tournaments where the bonuses are applicable. This way you will be eligible to earn those bonuses and remember to make bets of only small amounts to prevent losses of any kind. 

There are several terms and conditions attached to these bonuses. This guides the betting sites on whether you are eligible to receive these rewards or not. The bonuses and reward system usually comes attached with several conditions and you need to choose ones that offer the highest payoffs for minimal investments.

Use your free bet to place both back and lay bets with different accounts

After you win the offer and once it is credited to your account, you will then use it to place your bets. Remember, you need to place both a back bet and a lay bet to cover all possibilities in case you lose. The lay bet needs to have the least liability so in the off chance that you lose, you can pay back the winner and still make a profit. The back bet should have higher odds so if you win you can maximize your profit. 

Follow a cricket betting app that offers more bonuses on more tournaments and which will be immediately credited to your account so you can use that to place further bets. 

Is There Anything Such As No Risk Matched Betting?

Theoretically, if you follow all the steps correctly there is little to no risk of losing any money. But it is a tricky process and you do need to understand each step. You need to carefully go through every step to make sure there are no mistakes in calculations. This is absolutely crucial.

So if you follow the steps correctly and word for word then there is absolutely no risk because you will be betting for an event to happen and not happen. Ideally, there should be no loss even if there are no winnings. Also, you need to be careful before investing because sometimes the rewards or bonuses do not come through immediately. 

The Profit Margin For Matching a Bet

The profit margin in the case of matched bet is generally valued at 50% to 80%. This takes into account the various costs that you will have to take care to complete the entire process. The costs included are as follows:

  • You need to place a bet to be eligible to receive any bonus and rewards with your own money.
  • You will have to place multiple bets to cover the risk of losing in any one bet. This means placing a back bet and a lay bet.
  • Placing a bet with a betting exchange will cost you a certain amount because betting exchanges will charge you a small percentage for their services in case you win. 
  • There is also a small chance that you may lose some money due to the difference in odds offered by various betting sites.

After taking all of this into consideration, you can absolutely still win 50% to 80% of your principal amount. This guaranteed winning is still better than risking all your principal money on luck. 

Overall Thoughts

Well, we have explained everything from what is match betting and the process of how it works and other important elements. You can use it to win money easily without too much investment or waiting for long. Although there are no legal complications preventing you from using match betting, you do have to be careful because if the gambling sites catch you matching bets they will definitely not let you cash out and in that case, you will be losing all your money. 

As a matter of fact, there is nothing such as a no-risk matched betting kind of notion. However, you need to be careful and play it smart. The steps we have outlined here will guide you through the process of matching a bet and cashing in on all the amazing rewards that many online betting sites offer on their sites. 

If you play matched betting really smartly, you will stand to gain enough earnings from matching bets with minimal investments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Matched Betting Legal?

No, it is not illegal to use matching wagering practices. While punting on any sport through online betting sites, there is no risk-matched betting impact. However, several online betting sites do not allow this kind of betting. So, you need to be very careful. If you do attempt it you may be in violation of their terms and conditions. In that case, the online betting site will not allow you to cash out further. They will blame you for fraudulent activity. So, always check the terms and conditions of the bookkeeper you are using. Make sure you follow their rules and regulations. 

Q2. Can You Actually Make Money From Matched Betting?

If you do it right, by matching bets, there is generally a payoff of about 50 to 80%. But there is also a chance of incurring a small loss. This is because different websites offer different odds on the same matches. So, you need to carefully consider different aspects before investing in this sort of gameplay. The 50% to 80% earning results from smart investment but you would generally have to pay a commission to the betting exchange for any winnings you receive. 

Q3. Is There a Chance of Me Losing Money While Matching a Bet?

Matched betting does not fall in the category of gambling. Instead, this concept uses mathematics and complex equations to ensure guaranteed winnings for every betting opportunity. So, if you are good at maths, there is minimal risk of losing while matching a bet. You will almost always win and not by a small margin–50% to 80%. But when you match a bet using the free opportunities and reward systems of any online bookkeeper, they are the ones who are losing the money. So for many online bookkeepers matching bets is not legal within platform. If they find you using it they will not let you claim your rewards. And they may even ban you from their platform in the future. 

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