5 Best Ways to Get Free Food Delivered With No Money

Facing hunger but short on cash? Well, you’re not alone, and fortunately, there are solutions at hand. The quest to Get Free Food Delivered With No Money is one that many embark upon, and guess what, there are several clever, fun, and interactive ways to dock that boat laden with delicious, free goodies right at your doorstep!

In this engaging guide, we’re going to journey through five ingenious avenues leading to free food, exploring territories from cutting-edge apps to the mysterious and exciting world of secret shopping! Join us as we explore these exciting options, and never let an empty wallet leave you with an empty stomach again. Dig in!

5 Easy Methods To Get Free Food Delivered with No Money

In today’s world, there are innovative ways to satisfy your appetite without spending a dime. We’ll delve into five unique methods that enable you to get free food delivered straight to your door. As we Tell you in Our Last article How Can You Get a Free Tablet with EBT Benefits & Now, From leveraging technology and apps to engaging in creative marketing strategies, these solutions are both practical and accessible.

1. Utilize Restaurant Apps:

You can easily download apps for your favorite restaurants to get free stuff. This is an excellent way to get free food delivered with no money.

chick-fil-a Food App
For example, Chick-fil-A rewards its customers through its app. They often offer free items as a thank you, freebies for your birthday, and even free chicken sandwiches if you visit a new Chick-fil-A location.

Other restaurant apps like Wawa and Seven 11 also offer freebies and rewards.

2. Sign Up for Company Email Lists:

Another way to get free food with No Money includes signing up for company email lists. Companies like CVS, Staples, Kohl’s, and various restaurants often send free gift rewards or store credits.

kohl's free Food with Email

You can create a separate email address to keep your regular inbox free from clutter.

3. Fill Out Surveys on Receipts:

Free Food By dunkindonuts

Restaurant receipts often carry surveys that reward you with free items. For example, Dunkin Donuts offers a free donut with a coffee purchase if you fill out their survey. You can even find left-behind receipts to participate without making a purchase.

4. Use Coupons:

Acme Provide Coupons For Extra Food

Coupons are great for scoring free food at supermarkets. Stores like Acme, Giant, and ShopRite often offer digital coupons or double paper coupons, leading to free items or incredible discounts.

5. Become a Secret Shopper:

redlobster Terms & Conditions for free offer

Lastly, secret shopping can lead to free meals. Although you may have to pay upfront, secret shopping offers reimbursements and even additional stipends for certain tasks. You can check the guidelines and limitations, and enjoy free meals at places like Red Lobster and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really get free food from restaurants without spending money?

Yes, many restaurants offer rewards, freebies, or discounts through their apps or email lists. For example, Chick-fil-A often provides free items through its app.

How can I find free food through coupons?

Many supermarkets and stores offer digital and paper coupons that can lead to free or discounted food items. Keep an eye on store apps like Acme and Giant, or use websites that provide printable coupons.

What is secret shopping, and how can it help me get free food?

Secret shopping involves visiting restaurants and stores as an undercover shopper. You’ll need to put the money out first for the meal, but you’ll be reimbursed, and sometimes, you’ll even receive a little extra for your efforts.

Are there any apps or websites that specialize in offering free food?

Many restaurants have their own apps that provide free food and rewards, like Chick-fil-A. General apps like Seveneleven also offer freebies. Subscribing to the email lists of various food chains can keep you updated on free offers as well.

How can I maximize my free food rewards at places like Dunkin’ Donuts? 

By participating in surveys printed on your receipts, you can often get rewards like a free donut. Even if you don’t make a purchase, you can sometimes find these receipts left behind by others or ask for one to fill out the survey.

Can I get free food on my birthday?

Many restaurants and food chains reward you with free stuff on your birthday if you are a part of their rewards program. Signing up for email lists or using apps like Chick-fil-A can ensure you receive birthday freebies.

What should I do if I don’t have enough memory on my phone for restaurant apps?

If your phone’s memory is full, consider moving or deleting less important apps to make room for those that offer free food rewards. The benefits you’ll receive will often make the switch worthwhile.

Are these methods only applicable to particular regions?

Some methods, like using specific supermarket coupons or apps, may be regional. It’s best to check the availability in your area for each method.

Is it ethical to pick up someone else’s receipt to get free food?

This might vary between individuals, but if a receipt is left behind and not needed by the previous customer, it could be seen as an opportunity rather than an ethical dilemma. Always use your best judgment.

Can I combine different methods to get more free food?

Absolutely! You can combine apps, email subscriptions, coupons, secret shopping, and more to maximize your opportunities to get free food.


So today, we Learned how to get free food delivered with no money isn’t as hard as it seems. By employing these tips and being resourceful, you can save money and satisfy your hunger. So go ahead, download those apps, sign up for email lists, fill out surveys, utilize coupons, or even try secret shopping. Your stomach and wallet will thank you!

Don’t forget to share this article if you found it useful, and feel free to comment below with any additional tips or questions. Happy eating!

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