Credit Cards with High Limits: Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re on the hunt for credit cards with substantial credit limits, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’ll dive into three credit cards that offer generous credit cards with high limits and allow you to check your pre-approval status with just a soft pull. Gone are the days of applying blindly and risking your credit score. Let’s explore these fantastic options that cater to those seeking credit cards with high limits.

The Apple Credit Card

Apple Credit Card


The first credit card on our list is the Apple Credit Card. With this card, you can enjoy credit cards with high limits that can soar as high as $17,500, providing you with ample spending power. But that’s not all; this no-fee, metal credit card comes with a host of benefits:

  • No Annual Fee: Say goodbye to pesky annual fees.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees: Travel the world without extra charges.
  • Three Percent Cash Back: Earn cash back on Apple products and partner purchases.
  • Two Percent Cash Back: Enjoy cash back when using Apple Pay.
  • One Percent Cash Back: Even your everyday purchases earn rewards.
  • Cash Back Daily: Your rewards are credited to your account daily.

One standout feature of the Apple Credit Card is its ease of use. You can manage your account seamlessly through the Apple Wallet app, which color-codes your transactions and provides detailed purchase information. Customer service is top-notch, responding to your queries within seconds.

Additionally, you can request credit limit increases without affecting your credit score, making it easier to boost your spending potential. And the best part? You can check your pre-approval status swiftly through the wallet app or on the Apple website without impacting your credit score.

The SoFi Credit Card

SoFi Credit Card

Our second high-limit credit card is the SoFi Credit Card, which offers credit cards with high limits of up to $25,000. Designed to help you save, invest, and manage debt, this card is a versatile financial tool. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Two Percent Unlimited Cash Back: Redeem points for savings, investments, or debt repayment.
  • Four Percent Cash Back (Introductory Offer): Enjoy a 30-day period of boosted rewards after signing up.
  • No Annual Fee: Keep your costs low.
  • World Elite Mastercard: Unlock extra benefits, discounts, and rewards.
  • Various Redemption Options: Choose from cash savings, statement credits, fractional shares, or cryptocurrency.

The SoFi Credit Card even rewards responsible cardholders by reducing the APR by one percent after making 12 on-time payments. And the best part? You can check your pre-approval status with no impact on your credit score, making it a smart choice for those aiming for credit cards with high limits.

To get the SoFi Credit Card, you’ll need a SoFi Money account, but the good news is they offer a $25 bonus when you sign up and fund your account with just $10 within five days.

The BlockFi Credit Card

BlockFi Credit Card

Last but not least, we have the BlockFi Credit Card, which offers credit cards with high limits of up to $25,000. This unique card pays you back in cryptocurrency, making it ideal for crypto enthusiasts. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • 1.5% Back in Crypto (2% with higher spending): Earn cryptocurrency on all purchases.
  • 3.5% Back in Crypto (Introductory Offer): Enjoy a 90-day period of boosted rewards.
  • No Annual Fee: Keep your costs in check.
  • Visa Signature Credit Card: Access extra benefits, discounts, and worldwide acceptance.
  • Earn Interest on Crypto: Watch your rewards grow in your BlockFi account.
  • 0.25% Back in Bitcoin on Trades: Earn on eligible cryptocurrency trades.

This card is an excellent choice for those interested in the world of cryptocurrencies. You can even check your pre-approval status on the BlockFi website without affecting your credit score. Also, know about How to Sell Crypto on Binance.


These three credit cards cater to individuals seeking credit cards with high limits. They offer not only substantial credit lines but also a range of rewards and benefits. The best part is that you can check your pre-approval status without any impact on your credit score. So, if you’re ready to level up your credit card game, explore these options and take advantage of their generous credit limits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a “soft pull” and how does it affect my credit score?

A soft pull, also known as a soft inquiry, is a credit check that doesn’t impact your credit score. Credit card issuers use it to assess your creditworthiness without affecting your credit rating. Checking your pre-approval status with a soft pull won’t harm your credit score.

How can I request a credit limit increase on my credit card?

Most credit card companies allow you to request a credit limit increase online or through their customer service. The process typically involves providing some financial information and may result in a hard pull on your credit, which can temporarily lower your score. However, some cards, like the Apple Credit Card, offer soft-pull credit limit increase requests.

What’s the recommended credit score to qualify for these high-limit credit cards?

The recommended credit score for these high-limit credit cards generally falls within the “good to excellent” range, typically around 670 or higher. However, pre-approval checks often provide more accurate insights into your eligibility, so it’s wise to use this feature before applying.

What are the advantages of using a credit card with a high credit limit?

Credit cards with high limits offer several benefits, including greater purchasing power, increased flexibility for managing expenses, and the potential to earn more rewards. They can also help improve your credit utilization ratio, a crucial factor in your credit score.

Can I increase my credit card’s limit after getting approved initially?

Yes, you can usually request a credit limit increase after your initial approval. Many credit card issuers allow this, and some, like the Apple Credit Card mentioned earlier, may even perform a soft pull, which won’t impact your credit score. However, the approval and process can vary between card issuers.

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