UIDAI Aadhaar Card: Aadhar Seva Kendra Services List

Aadhaar Card Services, Aadhaar Card Seva Kendra, UIDAI Aadhaar, Aadhaar Card UIDAI Services, Unique Identification Authority of India: As we all know the fact that the making of the Aadhaar Card has become an important part in everybody’s life. While we are using Aadhaar Card, we always thought about the particular Seva Kendra from where every applicant or citizen can ask their queries about Aadhaar Card. Let’s inform you all that the Unique Identification Authority of India [UIDAI] was started Aadhaar Seva Kendra, or you say ASK. It is a restrictive single-stop station for all Aadhaar Card related services. In this particular station or destination, UIDAI makes a proposal of the Aadhaar Enrolment & starts to update all Aadhaar related services. This article will discuss everything related to the Aadhaar Card services, Aadhaar Card Seva Kendra at different regions, charges for Aadhaar Services, and many other details. So, please read our article until the end.

Aadhaar Card Services

Aadhaar Card Seva Kendra

Let’s discuss the Aadhaar Card Seva Kendra. During phase one, UIDAI was supposed to start this set up of around 114 Aadhaar Seva Kendra in 53 cities all around India. A total of 28 Aadhaar Seva Kendra [ASK] was opened. Generally, it includes state capitals, metro cities, and Union territories. Let us tell you all that the service of Aadhaar Seva Kendra will continue working with around 35000 Aadhaar Kendras, and it is already working with the banks, BSNL, post offices, and state governments.

Aadhaar Seva Kendra

Let’s inform you all that the service of Aadhaar Seva Kendra has to be working for seven days in a week and from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. In one month, every one house can make an appointment of four times. This Aadhaar Card Services will be available for all Indian residents, including NRIs, at ASK.

Applicable Services at Aadhaar Service Kendra

Every Aadhaar Card Kendra and Centers will provide a number of facilities for the Indian Citizens. Aadhaar Seva Kendra is always tried to provide an easy and convenient environment inside the Seva Kendra by providing the facility of fully air-conditioned, wheel-chair service for all elderly and specially-abled citizens. Every resident should have to go to the Service Kendra in all seven days a week from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM. Here we will discuss the various services that will be available at Aadhaar Card Seva Kendra. Services are given as follows:

  • Applicant Aadhaar Enrolment
  • Aadhaar Card Download & Printing
  • Biometric Data Updates such as Fingerprints, Photo, and Iris Scan
  • Demographic Details Updates such as Address, Name, Mobile Number, Gender, Birth Date, and Email ID.


Aadhaar Services Charges at Aadhaar Seva Kendra

Let’s inform you all that the Unique Identification Authority of India has always fixed unique charges for all the applicants who want to get this Aadhaar Card Services at Aadhaar Seva Kendra. Let’s discuss these charges are as follows: 

  • Enrolment of Aadhaar Card: Free
  • Download Aadhaar Card & Coloured Print: Rs.30/-
  • Important Biometric Update for all kids (whose age is in between 5 and 15 years): Free
  • Any Biometric or Demographic Update from residents: Rs.50/-

These charges have included all taxes. It highly depends on the customer, applicant to choose any one of the options for payment. An applicant can choose cash payment, and they can give it to the cash counter at Aadhaar Seva Kendra, or they can choose for online payment. This online payment was submitted during the booking of an online appointment, and it was achieved by just visiting an official website of UIDAI. 


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Process of Services at Aadhaar Seva Kendra

Here we will discuss the process of services available at Aadhaar Seva Kendra. The steps are as follows:

UIDAI Aadhaar

  • If you are a citizen of India and want to make some changes in your Aadhaar Card, then you have to book an appointment online or offline according to your choice.
  • The official Website of UIDAI is given as Click Here.
  • Book an online appointment by just visiting an official website of UIDAI.
  • After booking, start contacting the help desk about this and show your appointment slip.
  • Now, visit the Token Desk.
  • Start verify your slip from a verifier.
  • Make your payment at the Cash payment Counter.
  • Start update or doing enrolment from the operator desk.

Let’s inform you that every Aadhaar Seva Kendra Offices has its own Center Manager and Operations Manager. From there, every citizen can ask their queries related to Aadhaar Card and grievances. Let us tell you all that every day at 5:30 PM, there will be given a last ticket or token.

Aadhaar Seva Kendra List

Here we will discuss the table of all Aadhaar Seva Kendra that should be run across India. These Seva Kendra will run below the UIDAI. The direct link is given as follows:

Word File of Aadhaar Seva Kendra List

I hope you will understand this article very well and are ready to take advantage of it. Suppose you face any problems related to the Aadhaar Card services, Aadhaar Card Seva Kendra at different regions, and Aadhaar Services charges. In that case, you may ask your queries in the given comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check my Aadhaar Card Services Online?

Yes, you can check all Aadhaar Card Services Online.

From where should I visit to make any changes in an Aadhaar Card?

To make any changes and updates, you should visit an Aadhaar Seva Kendra according to your regions or area. These Aadhaar Seva Kendra Centers were built in all over India.

What are the working hours of the Aadhaar Seva Kendra Office?

The working hours of Aadhaar Seva Kendra are from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM in all seven days.  

Name all services that should be done in the Aadhaar Seva Kendra Office?

The services are given as follows Aadhaar Enrolment, Aadhaar Download & Printing, Biometric data update, and update demographic data.

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