Pin up Bet: Honest Review By Wagering Experts

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Pin Up Bet
Rating: 4.6/5.0
  • Wide range of sports
  • Easy Registration
  • Easy Design
  • Live Betting
  • Promotions and Rewards

Are you into wagering but looking for a trusted app to get started? With the huge array of betting apps and sites, it is common to get confused with the options if you are also confused about choosing the best app for yourself. Hence, we have prepared a review of one of the best betting apps in India. Well, Pin up bet is a popular app that has so many features. Pin-up Bet is another betting app with too much to offer everyone. In this guide, we are coming up with a full-fledged review of the Pin-up Bet app. We have covered almost every aspect of it from the perspective of our wagering experts. You just need to read the article through its conclusion and decide whether the app is perfect for you. 

Pin Up Bet: Overview

Pin Up Bet

Pin up bet is one of the most popular apps that has so many features to offer. With this app, you can bet on almost every game. Pin up bet offers you a wide sportsbook range and has many other features, such as bet exchange, money line bet, etc. Well, the app is mainly for cricket. Cricket bettors enjoy a lot in the game. This betting app will definitely provide you with the exceptional gaming feature. 

This app can be your destination if you are looking for the most competitive and highest odds. This app comes with relevant odds which are efficient for results. Well, you can make your presence even stronger with this app. It serves as a good bonus and reward to its users. You can enjoy your free time and make money out of that too. On top of everything, it offers you the best of the interface, as it is easy to navigate and you can find everything there. Let’s check its other features in the below part of the article. 

Features of The Pin Up Betting App

In the below section, we are going to know about the features of the Pin up betting app. This way, we would be better able to understand if the app is good for you or not. Well, the app has so many features to provide you; let’s check them out.

  • Wide range of sports: The Pin up betting app offers you the best and the wide range of sports you can enjoy. The app doesn’t come up with the best of the sports range as it offers something to everyone. You can enjoy almost every sport on it. 
  • Easy Registration: The app provides you with an easy registration process. You can get started with the Pin up login easily and get your registration done in a few steps. It just asks you for some of your details, and then you are all set to start with the bets. 
  • Easy Design: The design of the app and the site is too classy and user-friendly. You can get almost everything right in front of your eyes and start with whatever feature you want in your app.
  • Live Betting: On top of every feature, Pin up app provides you with a live betting feature that you can enjoy. While the game is live, moreover, you can enjoy real-time betting with your opponents and get the most out of your waist time. 
  • Promotions and Rewards: You can enjoy huge promotions and high rewards in the app. It offers you with the best rewards and cashback points. Moreover, its bonuses are truly out of the box, as it comes with the most astonishing promotions. 
  • Security: The app is quite safe and secure to use. The app is licensed by a gaming authority. You can enjoy all the features of betting without compromising the data of your computer. But you must read some safety tips for betting before you get into the app.

Pros & Cons of Pin-up Bet

To make the review more justified, we are coming up with a section of pros and cons so that you would be aware of all the ins and outs of the platform. Moreover, our experts have closely analyzed the platform by actually using it and come to know its downfalls as well. So without further ado, let’s start with the pros and cons. 


    • 24/7 live customer support
    • Bets for cricket betting
    • Offers a wide range of betting
    • Huge betting market
    • Live streaming and betting options are available
    • Offers online casinos, esports, and other virtual games.
    • Huge bonuses and promotions are available.
    • Convenient payment options
    • Website supports INR
    • You can enjoy different languages at your convenience.


  • Only comes with a Curacao license
  • The website is a bit cluttered 

How To Perform Pin-up Bet App Download?

pin-up bet

If you want to download Pin-up Bet app download on your own, then this section can help you with the easy download process. You can get your app downloaded by just following the steps below. Let’s check the steps out.

  • Enable the permission to download from every source.
  • After enabling, click the below coming button and get started with the download.
  • For further installation, you are required to follow the screen coming wizards, it may ask you for some permissions.
  • After enabling some permission, it will ask you for some registration or pin up bet login. Get done with that, too, and step into the wagering world.

Factors-Based Expert Review 

In this section, we are going to encounter the top factors-based review by our high-end experts. Well, we have a team of experts who have been into wagering apps in India for so many years and know all the ins and outs of wagering. Hence, they have reviewed the app closely and even bet in the app to know how it works and then crafted the below review. You can get the right insight into the app through the below ratings and reviews. 

Bonus & Rewards

Ratings: 10/10

The bonus and rewards given by the app are truly commendable, and people like its bonus and rewards.  Well, the app implies the best of the rewards and cashback that allows you the best of betting experience. Hence, our experts have rated these factors as 10 by 10. You also can enjoy its best feature of 150% of bonus and rewards. 

Betting Experience

Ratings: 9/10

The betting experience of the app is better than many other competing apps for betting. You can check its alternative betting apps and their features to know whether the app is good for you or not. Well, this app offers you the best betting experience; you can enjoy a smooth run and on top of all that, you can have a great betting experience.

Payment Duration

Ratings: 9/10

The payment duration of the app is quite low and you can enjoy fast payments and withdrawals on the spot. You can enjoy an immediate withdrawal which will reflect in your account within an hour.  Or else you can enjoy the payment in seven days. It all depends on the payment method you choose. Hence, our exports have rated the app with a 9 on 10 for its payment durations.

pin-up bet app download

App And Site Experience

Ratings: 10/10

The experience of the app and site is quite smooth, and you can enjoy almost every feature of betting on the app and site. Well, the app is easy to download, and the site is easy to navigate. Everything is right before the user’s eyes, so you can enjoy every feature easily. Hence, you can enjoy the platform; well, our experts have rated it 10 out of 10.

Customer Support

Ratings: 10/10

The customer support provided by the platform developer is really high-end. If you get into trouble and looking for some assistance, then they can really help you with their team of executives. You can enjoy all the betting features without any trouble. Moreover, our experts have tried customer support, and they find the support really helpful. 

Is pin-up bet app worth a shot?

Yes, Pin-up Bet app is worth a shot, as it has so many features to offer its users. Its features are truly out of the box; people usually enjoy them while performing wagering. If you are new to the wagering world, then you must start with your first bet with the help of this app. This app functions so smoothly and gets your bet on track as it enables you to edit it in between, ultimately lowering the chance of money risk. Moreover, the security and safety of your computer data or device data is what is at the concern, but it never compromises with that. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is pin up real or fake?

Pin-up bet app is real, and this app also provides you with a bunch of features that every wager can enjoy to the fullest. You can get started with the wagering easily as the interface is very easy and navigable. 

Q2. Is pin up bet legal in India?

Yes, Pin up bet is legal in India. India has not made any hard and fast rules for the same. Well, some states in India have made some explicit rules for online betting. You must check the list of the states so that you can be sure if you are allowed to bet online or not. 

Q3. How do I withdraw from pin up?

Withdrawing is an easy process to do. For that, you must open the app and open the balance section. Here you must check for the amount you want to withdraw and get started with the withdrawing process. Choose a withdrawal method, follow the on-screen wizards, and get your withdrawal proceeded. 


In a nutshell, we have provided you with the best of the review on the Pin-up Bet app, which has so many features. Our experts have reviewed the app closely by using it and trying it. You can bet on the app without any hesitation or fear of losing your data. In the above guide, we have provided you with the features of the Pin-up app, its pros and cons, and a complete review rating of the app.

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