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Karnataka Scheme

Karnataka Driver Yojana 2020, Karnataka Taxi/ Auto Driver Rs.5000/- Plan: As we all know, the fact that many people in this world suffered from this COVID-19 Lockdown. In this period, many middle-class families are very much disturbed. All auto/ taxi drivers will become very happy with this new Karnataka Yojana. Because of this yojana, they thank the Karnataka government every day. During this difficult period, the Government of Karnataka will help them by transfer Rs.5000/- in their bank accounts. 

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Advantage of Karnataka COVID Yojana
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We tell you that on 06.May.2020, the minister of Karnataka announced that they will be going to help all vehicle drivers, farmers, washerman, barkers, etc. In this, the government will give Rs.5000/- to every suffered person. In this article, we will tell you all information related to Karnataka 5000 Rs Yojana, their benefits, how it will help all workers and drivers. Kindly, read this article very carefully and get known more information about it.


Karnataka Rs.5000/- Yojana

As we already know the fact that, this COVID-19 breaks all people’s businesses, work, and makes them in a poverty line. In this Yojana, the Government has a total amount package of 1610 crore rupees. They transfer it to the account of all beneficiaries directly through DBT mode. It has only a one-time package amount of 5K to help Karnataka barbers and all who are eligible for this scheme. So, here you will get to know various details related to the benefit of this scheme, the process of registration, and package details.

Overview of Karnataka Auto/ Cab Yojana

Name of Deal Coronavirus Compensation Package/ Deal
State Name Karnataka
Declared By Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yediyurappa
Declare Date 06.May.2020
Total amount allowed 1,610.00 crore rupees
Type of Payment Only One-Time
Main Reason To help people in problem due to a COVID-19 lockdown
Yojana Beneficiaries Taxi, farmers, Rickshaw drivers, barber, and washermen, etc.
Fund Transfer Mode Direct Bank Transfer (DBT)
Covid-19 Karnataka Official Website covid19.karnataka

Karnataka 5000 rs scheme

List of People

In this Scheme, the Karnataka government has declared to help their state people in this pandemic period. So, here you will get to know all the people’s names who benefit from this scheme. Names are given below:

  • Construction Worker
  • Barber
  • Farmer
  • Auto Driver
  • Taxi/ Cab Driver
  • Laundry worker in both urban and rural area
  • Flower Worker
  • And etc.

Advantage of Karnataka COVID Yojana

In this part, we will get cover about the benefit of this Karnataka yojana to all natives. Here, All people will be provided a different amount according to their work. We will discuss here all about 5000 rupees Yojana. Carefully read the steps given below and get information about the benefits to the people associated with this scheme.

Karnataka 5000 rs yojana


  • To Flower Worker

This lockdown has caused heavy losses to all the flower workers. As soon as this virus spreads all over the world, then no one can be ready to buy flowers from flower workers. Let you know there is a 11687-hectare area of land where these flowers are coming in the market. So, this becomes a huge loss. Because of all this, the Government of Karnataka has decided that it will assist in Rs.25000/- per hectare to its citizens.


  • To Farmer

This Scheme will also benefit the farmer with all fruits and vegetables as his work has also been stopped due to this Lockdown. They will benefit from it. Because the farmers came from different states, they went back to their respective homes due to this COVID.


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  • To Taxi/ Auto Driver

As you all know, the whole world has been affected due to this COVID-19 and lockdown phase. So, here we discuss the benefits of taxi/ Auto Driver from the Karnataka government. Due to this, a large number of drivers were affected and they lost their work and pending car loans. Because of all this, the Government of Karnataka has decided that it will assist in Rs.5000/- to all taxi and auto drivers. If we check the whole database record, the government will find that around 7,75,000 drivers will benefit. During this tough time, the Karnataka government has come to help their citizens.


  • To Laundry worker and Barber

During this COVID-19 lockdown, everybody has suffered in its way. Not only Drivers, farmers but Laundry workers have suffered a lot. They lose their jobs. This situation occurs not only in urban areas but in rural areas too. So, the Government of Karnataka has decided that it will assist in Rs.5000/- to all Barber and Laundry workers. According to the survey, there are around 60,000 barbers and 2,30,000 dhobis (which is also known as Laundry worker) will benefit from it.


  • To Micro, Medium, and Small Firm/ Enterprise (MSMEs)

As we all know the fact that there are many companies that are either in the IT sector or MNC. Both have faced financial loss in this period. So, every small company has faced a lot of financial loss in their business. Let you know that the government resumes every electricity bill due to COVID for two months. So, now onwards they started to give you various profit in the field of electricity which is given as under:

  1. If the customer pays their bill on time, they will get a concession on it.
  2. If a customer pays their electricity bill after the last date, they have to pay extra charges on it.
  3. The government has given choices to every customer that if they want to pay a bill in installments, it will be okay for that.
  4. If a customer wants to pay their electricity bill in advance, then the company gives them an incentive.
  5. Last, due to Coronavirus, the Government announced that if someone is not able to pay a bill, then their connection is not able to cut till 30 June 2020.
  • To Clothier

As we know that everywhere in the industry faces issues and crises. Clothier is also one of them all who may face much loss in their business. They also undergo a tough time. So, the Karnataka state government declares that they will have to provide them 109 crores rupees under the Weavers Loan Waiver yojana. Let you know that the government has previously given them help in some amount and the remaining 80 crores rupees will give it to the clothier companies as soon as possible. The clothier companies play an important role in our livelihood. They must have to receive money to get made other new clothes and run business.


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  • To Construction Worker

In this, construction workers have faced a lot of loss in their business. During this period, many workers want to leave for their homes because they live in different states. And, the owner of all construction workers has faced a lot of trouble while paying salary to their workers or so many. Because of all this, the Government of Karnataka has decided that it will assist in Rs.2000/- with the addition of 3000/- rupees to all workers through the direct transfer to their bank accounts i.e. DBT online mode. Let you know that there are approximately 15.80 lakh construction workers who are recorded in the database of Karnataka state. So, some of them will get this benefit already while others will get this benefit as soon as possible.

I hope you will understand this article very well and ready to get benefit from it. If you are facing any problems related to Karnataka 5000 Rs Scheme, then you may ask your queries in the given comment box.


Frequently Asked Questions

Name the person who will get benefit through Karnataka 5000 rupees yojana?

Names are All Taxi/ Auto Drivers, clothier, farmers, barbers, Laundry workers, construction workers, and many more.

How much help will the government of Karnataka provide to taxi drivers, Laundry workers, and barbers?

They will have to give 5000/- rupees to every worker in the field of drivers, laundry workers, and barbers.

When will the Karnataka Government have announced new yojana for all COVID workers?

The government has announced a new yojana called “Karnataka 5000 rs Scheme” on 06 May 2020.

In which mode they will transfer the amount to their respective accounts?

They will transfer through an online DBT mode.

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