2024 Review of Bettilt App India with detailed descriptions of its features

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Rating: 4.5/5.0
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    • Support multiple deposit options
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    • Support Android, IOS, and Desktop

If you are looking for a trustworthy betting app that is legal to play in India and which also offers great odds on cricket bets then we have just the right app for you. After conducting a thorough review of the Bettilt app, the newest addition to gambling apps in India, we have come to the opinion that it is indeed superior in its quality, features, and withdrawal options.
The best part is that it is both beginners as well advanced bettors friendly. Hence this betting app is quite engaging and appealing to all levels of punters. Here, in this Bettilt review,  we have outlined the key features of why this app stands out from the crowd. After going through this article, you would definitely like to try this app. Let us begin.

What is Bettilt App–Unique Features and Settings

Quite interestingly, this is the latest gambling app available in India. It is a fun experience for casual punters who love to bet now and then. Although it is limited in its user features, it still has an amazing sportsbook that allows people many options on games, tournaments, and matches for various sports including cricket, football, tennis, hockey, horse racing, and many commonly known games such as chess, hound racing, etc. You will get different betting options on your favorite games. 

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In this article, we will discuss in detail all the special features which are available for you, how to use them, the banking facilities for deposits and withdrawals, and the different kinds of bonuses they offer. In fact, the bonuses are one of their main features. They offer welcome bonuses for newcomers and for old players, and they constantly offer different kinds of bonuses at various tournaments for the most popular sports. They have an amazing sportsbook to choose from. Its simple settings allow new users to easily get used to the whole betting scenario and everyone is welcome to join.

Extensive Features of The Bettilt App

In this section, we are going to cover all the features of the Bettilt app, as the app has too much to offer to its users; hence, we have made a list of top-notch features that a user can enjoy. Well, with this feature, you can enjoy a high-end betting session on almost every sport.

  • Free bets: There are various apps that support free betting options on your play, and one of the most popular apps offering the same is Bettilt. This app offers you a high-end free bet feature. 
  • Bonus on bets up to 450%: It offers you a huge bonus of 450% on your bets. If you have a good track record, then the app will offer you different bonuses and promotions through which you can earn a lot of money, even without betting. 
  • A bonus of Up to 60,000: You can enjoy a bonus of 60,000 INR on your first deposit in the app’s wallet. This way, you can enjoy the most out of your betting experience in the app. 
  • Various deposit methods: It has so many deposit methods. You can go for any of the money deposit methods in the app. It supports every mode of payment, which is why people can be facilitated by its features. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bettilt App

Like any other gambling site, the app also has its advantages and disadvantages that you need to know. We have gone through all its features and characteristics to determine what is working and what they need to improve on. As part of our Bettilt review, we will discuss all of those factors in this section

The Benefits of the app–what works

This is a great app for newbies to start off their betting journey. Although the interface is such that anyone can participate. 

Impressively large sportsbook with variety

The sportsbook for the app is specifically noteworthy because of its many options in popular sports for India and also because it includes not-so-common sports. It is perfect for different types of betting with great odds and a live betting feature such as Bettilt Casino. You will have a great time exploring the different options in this app.

The friendliest user interface of the app

It is adaptable to both Android and iOS; everyone can use it. They have designed the app to operate smoothly and easily accessible features. They also have an app designed for desktop users so it is extremely inclusive in its approach and anyone will find something for themselves. All the apps are optimized for smooth performance.

Helpful and 24X7 Customer Support

The customer service section of their operations is extremely helpful and always available. You can contact them via email or do a live chat. Accessing this area is also very easy using the chat icon situated on the bottom left corner of the screen. If you get stuck anywhere while using Bettilt Casino, you simply contact their support team and they instantly resolve the issue.

Cool new features and live betting section

In point of fact, Bettilt has introduced so many cool new features that are accessible right from the app, so you do not need to go back and forth using other external sources. The best part about it is that you can even live-stream sports right from the app. There are features that allow you to bet live while the game is on and the odds that are available for this option are also pretty great. This adds a whole new layer of fun and a new eience for punters. The live streaming is smooth that you will immediately fall in love with it. Make sure you follow cricket betting tips before you start enjoying all these cool features.

The Downsides of the Bettilt App

Conversely, every rose has its thorns. Although it is a pretty great app, there is still room for improvement, and here are the features we are of which we are not particularly a fan. You should carefully go through them before spending your hard-earned money on this app.

Cluttered and complicated interface

Although everything else is pretty great in this app, with too many options, they have not been able to keep the screen clean. So, at any one time, the app has too many things on the screen which can become very confusing for new people who are on the app. They need to clear the app screen and make it more intuitive for the users. The cool features get lost in the mix. The placements need to be optimized.

Banking Methods Available on the App

For any cricket betting app to be reliable and safe, they should provide secure channels of payment methods for their customers, and that is exactly what Bettilt does. They not only offer safe and secure banking methods but they accept all kinds of commonly used banking systems in India. In fact, among all betting sites in India bettilt is the only one to accept such a wide variety of payment methods. The most commonly accepted banking options are as follows:

  • Net banking
  • UPI
  • Debit Cards
  • Mobikwik
  • Phonepe
  • Google Pay
  • PayTM
  • Freecharge
  • Jio Money
  • VISA
  • Master card
  • Neteller
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Jeton

Download, Installation and Registration Procedure of the App

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Registering on the app is so easy anyone can do it. First, you need to go to their official website and get the Bettilt app download. This link will let you download the app on your preferred device. Since they have an app for any device– android, ios, pc– you need to select the device for which you want to download and then click continue. 

However, in order the make the process quite simple, you can simply follow these simple steps to complete the download, installation, and registration process and start enjoying your very own Bettilt account.

  • Allow download permission from your device and browser settings.
  • After that, click on the below-given download button.
  • Once enable the download, a wizard screen will appear.
  • Follow all the instructions on the wizard screen.
  • Next, download the app on your device and finish the installation.
  • And then finish the registration after the app download is complete.
  • Fill in all the relevant details like email address, name, user id, password, phone number, etc.
  • Remember never to share your password with anyone
  • Select the currency you will be using. Pick INR for Indian currency
  • Go through their terms and conditions and click on agree
  • Press the create account button and you are done
  • Now you can start betting on your favorite teams easily.

Bonuses Offered by the Bettilt App

As for the Bettilt bonus, this app is famous to offer many bonuses and rewards. Especially for newcomers they have attractive welcome bonuses which you can use to place your first bets. For the first three deposits you make you stand a chance to win up to 60,000 INR which is almost a 450% reward. They are always offering such rewards and you can avail of them easily. All you need to do is start your account, apply the coupon, and start betting.

A Comprehensive Review From Experts

bettilt review

After using every aspect of the app, we have provided a comprehensive Bettilt review of all the features of this betting site for you. We have compared the features to other online betting sites and from the user’s point of view. 

Bettilt App’s User Experience

Firstly, the app can accommodate a large number of features including various sports, casino games, and TV games on which you can bet. Although they offer a varied sportsbook, the front page of the app is a bit cluttered and you will need some time to get used to it. But once you can figure out where everything is, the app provides an easy way to start betting right from your phone. 

Bonuses Offered by Bettilt

Then, Bettilt offers many rewards and bonuses on their games. There is a welcome Bettilt bonus for new members when they place their first bets. They offer rewards as high as 450% on your first deposits which provide a very lucrative offer to newcomers. For more seasoned players, they offer bonuses on select tournaments and matches on their most popular sports. So, apart from winnings from betting, you always stand a chance to earn more from the rewards. Their bonuses make their app all the more desirable to the users. 

Method of Depositing

Third, Bettilt’s deposit process works on a large number of banking systems and you can easily make deposits using any of their commonly available payment channels such as net banking, UPI, Phonepe, Google Pay, Jeton, and Neteller and you can even use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to make payments. The method for depositing is simple, easy, and completely secure. Once you make your first deposit, you can immediately start betting on your preferred matches with the odds you like. 

Withdrawal Process

And, the process of withdrawal is also quite simplified and you can withdraw your winnings at any time. The money will go d directly to the bank account that is linked with your sign-in. The entire process is completely safe and secure. You will have to go through several steps of verifications to make sure that it is you who is making the withdrawal and no one else. These steps include varying your identity using official ID cards. 

Sports/games supported

Furthermore, the selection of games in Bettilt is quite exquisite. It offers amazing odds on both popular sports and some off-beat games as well. They not only support a wide variety of sportsbooks but also allow you to punt on casino games, TV games, virtual sports, fantasy sports, etc. The sportsbook includes games like cricket, football, tennis, hockey, horse racing, hound racing, chess and so much more. You can even enjoy the live-streaming directly from the app and bet on live sports. It also offers an opportunity for a bet in exchange.

Security Provided

Finally, this app is completely secure and safe to use. During the registration process, they will verify your email address and phone number to make sure they are correct. Only after this step you can select the banking method of your choice. This will be the same for both deposits and withdrawals so you have to be extra careful while inputting your account details. It also has a step where you have to input the details of your official ID card to verify your identity. All these steps ensure a completely secure and transparent transaction. 

Overall Thoughts

Thus, Bettilt app lives up to the name of a fantastic gambling app. The features they are offering are unique and engaging. You will definitely enjoy this kind of gameplay with live streams on your favorite games. They also get an upper hand over their competitors because of the easy access to banking options. The withdrawals and deposits are so easy with net banking, UPI, MobiKwik, Phonepe, and absolutely every other banking option commonly used in India.

Our recommendation is that you should definitely try out the app. Their winning features will make your gambling experience a fun and safe one. But remember to sit down with lots of time in hand to figure out the cluttered interface. Otherwise, this app definitely comes out on top compared to all other gambling sites available in India. If you are a new or a beginner-level bettor, this Bettilt review will be quite handy and helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What kind of offers does Bettilt provide?

Notably, the Bettilt is a great software that offers all kinds of exciting opportunities for bettors to earn some easy money. These offers are so lucrative that anyone will be tempted to participate. For example, with only a 250 INR deposit you stand a chance to win up to 15,000 INR or 200% increase if this is your first time. Similarly, for your 2nd deposit the minimum limit for deposit increases to 500 INR but here you still stand a chance to win over 150% up to 20,000 INR. Along with this, in both cases, you win 200 INR and 300 INR in free bet options. Such offers are always available for those who are just starting. They also offer many prizes and rewards for loyal punters for specific tournaments. 

Q2. What is the easiest way to withdraw money from Bettilt?

Of course, one of the best features of the Bettilt app is that they offer many banking options to withdraw your winning from the site. The Bettilt bonus is really huge The several options they provide include Mastercard, visa, Ecopayz, Astropay, UPI, Google Pay, cryptocurrency, and many more. Also, the method for withdrawal is relatively easy. You can access the withdrawal section from your wallet in the top right corner of the app. After that select your preferred withdrawal method and you are good to go. They are always updating the app to include more secure forms of banking so that you can easily make both deposits and withdrawals without too much hassle. 

Q3. Is it legal to use the Bettilt app in India?

In India, it is illegal to engage in any form of gambling activities. However, the law that prevents Indians from gambling has no clause covering online betting activities. So, technically you are not doing anything illegal if you do participate in online betting. This includes betting using the app. None of these online gambling apps operate in India so they are absolutely legal and you will not be violating any rules if you do use these apps to bet on your favorite sport. Just make sure you follow all their terms and conditions while punting and everything will be alright. 

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