How To Choose Betting Sites in India?

Have you also made up your mind about wagering on cricket online? But are confused about choosing the best betting app. Well, we can cut down this slack for you easily. Anyone who is new to the betting world often gets confused about choosing the best betting site in India. Well, you don’t need to get confused about choosing a betting site for yourself.

Here, in this guide, we are coming up with the factors that you must consider while choosing a site for yourself. These factors are too important to be checked whenever you go to choose the best betting site in India. So without further ado, let’s get started with the guide, which you have to read all the way through its conclusion and get ready for wagering.     

How To Choose Betting Sites in India? (8 Factors To Consider) 

How To Choose Betting Sites in India

Traditionally, betting was just limited to physical betting, but online betting has taken betting to the next level. Online betting sites, either cricket betting sites or tennis betting sites, every site offers attractive and interesting offers, such as welcome bonus, deposit bonus, freebie, etc. And all these offers make the bettor confused about choosing the best betting app. Hence, the section below will help you with all the related factors that one must consider. Let’s check them out. 

1. Live Betting Features

The live betting feature is the most asking feature of experienced bettors as it can lead to more possibilities of winning money. Through the live betting feature, you can bet your money per the match’s live conditions. These live features enable more fun and enthusiasm among bettors. Hence, you must look for a cricketing betting app that comes with the live betting feature only if you are a pro at betting, and then only this feature becomes useful for you. 

2. Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket betting odds are the must-have feature in whatever betting site you choose in India, as these odds give you a rough idea of what will be in the match. If you are a professional bettor, then you must know the importance of betting odds on the betting site. Most professional bettors switch platforms or sites as per the odds, and this is easy for them to do. If you are new to the betting world, then this could be difficult for you. However, you must check this feature on the betting site you choose. This will definitely increase the chance of winning the money and reduce the chances of money loss. 

3. Mobile Apps for Cricket Betting

In today’s world, everyone needs flexibility and more convenient ways to use betting sites. Hence, you must check if the betting site you are choosing is easily accessible from every location and with every device. You must choose a site that provides you with the best user experience. This way, one can get easy accessibility to the site, betting becomes easy to do, and also live updates will also become accessible.  

4. Welcome Bonus Offered

Various betting sites in India offer a welcome bonus to every user. You must choose a betting site that offers a high welcome bonus and gives you a scope to win more money. Well,  most betting sites offer bonuses because they want to attract more betting players to their sites. There are two main types of bonuses; one is the free chance of betting for a certain limit, and the other one is the free deposit of a certain amount in your account so that you can get started with the betting without putting your own money in the stake. 

5. Beginner-Friendly Site

If you are new to using betting sites, then you must choose a beginner-friendly site that assists you in betting in every way possible. Otherwise, things can really get difficult for you if you don’t get the options right in front of you. Well, a user-friendly site is what which is easy to use and has every option right in front of you. This way, the site becomes more accessible and easy to use. As a result, users will get engaged more.  

6. Security and Safety

The most important factor that every bettor should consider whenever choosing a betting site. You must ensure the license and also look for the reviews for the site. This way, you can choose a trusted site. Moreover, you can choose the best cricket betting site in India from our top 12 list. You can check the SSL and the modernity features on the site so that you can ensure the safety feature. A safer site will ensure the safety of your data and the money. 

7. Banking methods

One of the most concerning questions that you may have in your head if you are unknown to the betting world. You must ensure the money you are putting into betting must be used safely. Thus, you must check the method through which money is being transferred. Here, the use of wallets within the sites can help you. 

8. Live Streaming Options

A betting site must provide its users with the feature of live features, as live features can help you to get real and on-time insight into what is happening in the cricket field. Most people like the feature of live updates as this enables fun for the visitors of the website. 

There are already so many betting sites in India that enable the live cricket scores feature. In fact, the visual features will help to get the on-time scores. Moreover, it is very interesting to see the real reaction of commentators and the audience, 

4 Tips For Using Cricket Betting Sites

Tips For Using Cricket Betting Sites

If you are done with choosing the best sports betting site, then it is time to use the betting site. Well, using a site is more difficult than choosing, as utilization comes with potential risks and challenges. Hence, we have figured out some of the common tips that one must keep in mind for a safer gameplay session. Using these tips can really help you to use your money wisely. Let’s check on that with the best of the tips section. 

1. Try Live Betting 

If you are a pro bettor, then you must play live betting sessions, in which you can bet your money with live gaming happenings. This way, you can enjoy the game more, and also, the chance of winning the money will be higher. However, cricket is a game of uncertainties, but still, one can have a higher possibility of winning money with live betting features; you can check more cricket betting tips.

2. Deposit as Much as You Can

You must deposit your money into the game as higher deposition will enable you a higher amount of winning money. However, various sites offer you the best deposit bonus but only once. Hence, you must use this chance well and deposit a huge amount, and you can use this amount later on as well. This way, you can get a huge reward. 

3. Keep a Check on Betting Odds

Cricket betting odds can help you to get a clear insight into what is going on in the field exactly in real time. Well, with updated bettings odds, one can know whether they are going to win or not. Hence, keep looking at bettings odds can really help. Moreover, you can change the site on which you are playing so that your money won’t get lost. For your information, this is the most common trick that most experienced bettors do while wagering. 

4. Study The Game

To get more reliable predictions of the cricket gaming world, you must have more knowledge of the game, and for that, you will require to study more about the game, and you can check previous case studies of the game to know clear insight into the game. This way, you can get the idea of the game, and studying will enable a sight into your head to figure out which team is going to win the match and what certainties are possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best site for betting in India?

So many sites are floating on browsers that can be labeled as best. Well, we have also prepared a list of India’s top 12 betting sites; you can check that. According to our experts, Betaway is one of India’s most trusted betting sites, and people usually bet on this app. 

Q2. Which is the safest betting app?

If one is going to label safe on a betting app, it is really tough to choose the safest betting app as all of them are prone to money loss if you lose the bet. 

Q3. Is online betting safe in India?

No laws have been made regarding online betting in India. Hence, people consider online betting legal in India. But a lot of states have already made precise laws against online betting in the last few years. Thus, you will need to check your state laws for clear information. 


In a nutshell, we have given a guide consisting of all the important factors that one would need to consider whenever they are going to bet in India. Well, considering these points can really help you to choose the best cricket betting app or a tennis cricket betting app in India. Moreover, you are also provided with a few tips for betting. If you keep these tips in mind, then you will be sorted all for betting in India. If you still have any doubts, then you can connect us anytime to get any help. 

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