Comeback Announcement

Alexa Bliss announces her return to WWE TV on social media, creating buzz among fans.

In-Ring Return

Bliss makes her in-ring return with a thrilling match, showcasing her impressive skills and agility.

New Storyline

WWE Creative develops a compelling new storyline for Bliss, re-establishing her as a top contender.

Rivalry Renewed

Bliss reignites her rivalry with past adversaries, adding depth and excitement to the Women's Division.

Alliances Formed

Bliss forms new alliances with other WWE Superstars, creating interesting dynamics and potential tag-team partnerships.

Championship Pursuit

Bliss sets her sights on the Women's Championship, adding to the drama and intrigue of the title picture.

Fan Interaction

Alexa Bliss increases fan engagement by participating in Q&A sessions, meet-and-greets, and other interactive events.

Merchandise Push

WWE capitalizes on Bliss's popularity by releasing new Alexa Bliss merchandise, including shirts, action figures, and accessories.

Media Appearances

Bliss represents WWE in various media appearances, promoting the brand and her return to television.

Career Milestones

Alexa Bliss achieves new career milestones, further cementing her status as a future WWE Hall of Famer.